Request for General Education for Non-Equivalent Courses

For accepted students entering the University of Michigan-Flint, the vast majority of your transfer work has already been evaluated for equivalencies to UM-Flint courses and the possible fulfillment of our General Education distribution requirements by the Office of Admissions.
This page provides further information for current students who wish to have their non-equivalent transfer work reviewed for General Education Distribution Designation credit.
For courses you believe would fulfill the Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Science and Natural Science Lab, or Social Sciences distrubution areas, please work with the Office of Admissions.
For a course you believe would fulfill the Finance and Quantitative Literacy, Global Studies, Health and Well-Being, or Technology distribution areas, please complete the following form.  You will be instructed to complete the first side of the form and then bring this form to the department you feel would be most qualified to evaluate the course in question.  If you have multiple courses, please complete a form for each course.