First Year Experience

UNV 100: First Year Experience (fye)

Three credits in courses designated applicable to the First Year Experience requirement.  The letters FYE immediately following the credit parentheses of a course indicates that the credit applies to the First Year Experience General Education requirement.  This course is multidisciplinary in approach and exposes students to multiple perspectives of a particular theme. These topics can vary broadly but all make connections between local, national and global issues.  In addition, students learn how to navigate through the university community and are introduced to research and information literacy skills that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.  Students entering the university with fewer than 25 credit hours must fulfill the FYE requirement within their first academic year. Please refer to the schedule of classes for specific sections and topics.

Note: the FYE component is required for all students entering the university as of Fall 2010 with less than 25 credit hours.