Note to continuing students

What does a change in curriculum mean for continuing UM-Flint students?

"Continuing students" are those students who are registered and have attended prior to the Fall 2010 semester. Continuing students should follow the general education requirements which were in effect at the time of their admission. For example, if a student was admitted and attended in Fall 2009, they would follow the general education requirements printed in the 2009-2010 Course Catalog.

Current students should be aware that general education attributes may have changed on specific courses and should choose courses carefully beginning Fall 2010 semester. For example:


Attribute prior to Fall 2010

Attribute effective Fall 2010

AFA 312

Humanities (h)


LIN 346

Social Science (s)

Finance and Quantitative Literacy (fq)

MTH 118


Finance and Quantitative Literacy (fq)

AFA 203

Humanities (h)

Global Studies (gs)