General Education Program Requirements

The General Education Program consists of requirements in four components:

1. First Year Experience

FYE is fulfilled by taking UNV 100 (transfers with more than 25 credit hours are exempt from this requirement). Each section of UNV 100 addresses a specific topic from a multidisciplinary perspective and includes a civil engagement component. Through the FYE, students become familiar with expectations of higher education, are introduced to resources at UM-Flint, and practice research and communication skills that will be used throughout their academic careers.

2. English Composition

The English Composition requirement is fulfilled by completing courses in the First Year Writing Program. Typically, students will complete ENG 111 and ENG 112 or equivalents. Additional courses may be required based on reading or writing placement.

3. Distribution Requirement

The main core of General Education rests in General Education designated courses in Humanities (H), Social Sciences (S), Global Studies (GS), Fine Arts (F), Health and Well-Being (HW), Finance and Quantitative Literacy (FQ), Natural Science with Lab (N/NL), and Technology (T).

4. Capstone Experience 

The Capstone fosters synthesis of knowledge and skills gained throughout the General Education. The Capstone is typically fulfilled through culminating courses specified by the major.

To see the catalog descriptions of the General Education Program Requirements, please click here.

General Education Program Requirements Worksheet


Note to UM-Flint students admitted prior to Fall 2010