GIS Center Staff

GIS Center

Troy Rosencrants, M.S.

GIS Center Manager

Education: M.S. Geography, Northern Illinois University 2013; B.S. Geography, Central Michigan University, 2011; BS Meteorology, Central Michigan University, 2011

Troy is in charge of managing projects, students working on those projects, and participating in research grants within the Center.  Troy's experience includes implementing GIS in meteorology/climatology, severe weather hazards research, spatiotemporal analysis of long-term macro-scale and micro-scale population dynamics, and cartography.




Research Assistants

Ahmed Alaiwat

GIS Research Assistant

Ahmed has worked in the GIS Center as a UROP student and EDA Center research assistant since January 2018.  He has worked on creating maps for MapFlint, assisted on a mapping project with Senator Peters' office and is currently working on a GIS Center project with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint on the Census 2020.

Mike Keller

GIS Research Assistant

Mike has been working in the GIS Center as a EDA research assistant and formally, UROP and EDA Faculty Research Grant assistant since May 2017. He worked on the SmartZone Feasability study, performing data processing and mapmaking. Mike is also responsible for static maps produced by the EDA University Center.