their courses……

It’s entirely the courses I took within the ERS department that made me successful from a professional point of view.  Richard Sadler "07"

My UM-Flint education came in very handy, particularly Professor Kaufman’s Project Management lessons, and Professor Repic’s advice on  due diligence. Conrad “07”

My education at UM-Flint allowed me to use ArcGIS to document invasive species treatments and the prescribed burns that I regularly participated in.  Jessica Schulte “00”

their professors……

The professors in the department were wonderful and maintained personal relationships with students that made the atmosphere much more friendly than I would have expected.  Andrew Kozich “99”

I acquired skills in the classroom, specifically from the staff in the ERS department that helped me become the professional that I am today.  Jeff Carr “05”

their job……

I am absolutely loving my job.  Tell Marty, Randy and Marlos that they did a great job in preparing me for the job I am doing!  Melissa Bernal "11"

I work for the Department of Natural Resources – wildlife division on Harsens Island.  ….my degree has helped make this dream job possible.  Thanks.  Jeff Owens “94”

My work is 99% done in GIS.  I am now a Lead Quality Control analyst for our production team of roughly 100 people.  Aaron Tresnak “04”

and their life……

The ERS department at UM-Flint changed my life.  It was like we were all in it together, the faculty, my fellow students, all of us were striving for the same goal.  Jarod Dempsey “10”

My development in the ERS programs has given me a well-rounded collection of skills that I use every day.  John Bradburn “07”