Meet with a Graduate Student Ambassador

The Office of Graduate Programs employs a number of current graduate students to serve as Graduate Student Ambassadors (GSAs).  These GSAs are available to meet with prospective students upon request to provide an in-depth look at their program of study, answer questions and provide invaluable insight of a current student in the program.  You can also:

  • Have lunch or coffee on-campus with the GSA
  • Sit in on a graduate level class or lab
  • Tour UM-Flint and/or your department of interest

Like Bruce in the testimonial below, if you are interested in scheduling time to meet with a Graduate Student Ambassador, please call or email Erin Strom in the Office of Graduate Programs at or at 810.762.3171.

Current GSAs include the students below.



Jessica Brobst, Physical Therapy (DPT)

Educational Background: BS in Kinesiology and Health from Miami University of Oxford, Ohio.

Why UM-Flint? I chose UM-Flint because of the professors commitment to their students.

What are some of the best qualities of the DPT program? Some of the strengths of attending this university include being prepared to treat a wide diversity of individuals as a future clinician and being part of a program that are leaders in the advancement of interprofessional communication, research, and education. 


Scott Maki, Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Educational Background: BS in Integrative Physiology and Health Science from Alma College.

Why UM-Flint? At the time of applying UM-Flint was the only doctorate program in Michigan. That as well as the opportunity to participate in a pro bono service such as PTHEART was very important to me. With growing up in the area it is very important that we give back to the community. 

What are some of the best qualities of the OTD program? The professors in our program are excellent, I have a good relationship with all of them. They genuinely want you to succeed so they are willing to work with you more individually if it is necessary. Also, with spending so much time with my cohort they have become a second family, which I think is important for anyone that is not from this area. Choosing to come to UM-Flint to pursue my OTD has been one of the best decisions of my life. Go Blue!


Danielle Marzec, Physical Therapy (DPT)

Educational Background: BS in Kinesiology from Michigan State University. 

Why UM-Flint? I selected UM-Flint because they offered a well rounded DPT program with a competitive tuition cost. The vast array of clinical locations, the outreach done by faculty and students, and the smaller cohort size made me want to come here. Also having the opportunity to get involved with the community through PT Heart, and to be involved in research, were very appealing to me. 

What are some of the best qualities of the DPT program? As a DPT student, I have always felt that the professors really want you to succeed. There is a positive learning environment in the classroom, and I feel comfortable reaching out for help. It is also great to have clinical experience through our rotations set up throughout the program, as well as through volunteer work at PT Heart. I feel like I have made great relationships with my classmates, as we all want each other to thrive and be the best PTs possible!


Tiffany Muma, Physical Therapy (DPT)

Educational Background: BA in Human Biology from UM-Flint.

Why UM-Flint? I chose UM - Flint initially for the PT program and fell in love with how much the professors strive for student success in both undergraduate and graduate courses. I also liked how unique our dual-degree programs are and how many resources are available to students. 

What are some of the best qualities of the DPT program? As a student in the DPT program, I really appreciate my cohort and professors. Professors share their first-hand experience in the field, and it is more than just textbook learning. This program is hands-on, and we have the opportunity to work with real patients in many courses! Our professors encourage each cohort to think creatively and understand each patient is much more than his/her diagnosis. They truly teach us to be the "Leaders and Best" in our field!


Raymond Pirouz, Business Administration (MBA)

Educational Background: BFA in Graphic & Design Packaging from the Art Center College of Design.

Why UM-Flint? I appreciate the flexibility of course modality, with the ability to earn my MBA in just under 2 years by enrolling in the mixed-mode Net+ program consisting of online and two in-person weekend residencies per semester. This flexible program offering allows me to continue working and meeting my family responsibilities.

What are some of the best qualities of the MBA program? I really like my professors and my peers. The Net+ weekend residencies have enabled me to deep-dive into course content and make friends in the program while getting to know the professors, which is very important to me. I absolutely feel like I am getting a high-octane, MBA program experience which I am profoundly enjoying. UM-Flint is a very special campus, nestled in the heart of a unique and symbolic Michigan city that is as resilient as it is resurgent. I wouldn't earn my MBA anywhere else.


Sachin Sohal, Biology (MS)

Educational Background: BS in Biology from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Why UM-Flint? The campus culture at UM-Flint is very encouraging and embracing of graduate students and the faculty is always open to provide learning opportunities, feedback, and support. Being part of the university advances the option for research, professional development, and community outreach for all graduate students in the school. The juncture to not only learn about fundamental core concepts in class, but then apply them through activities out of the classroom, has expanded my perspectives on advanced biological sciences.

What are some of the best qualities of the Biology program? To highlight just one of the many qualities of the program, there are two formats offered to complete the Master of Science in Biology degree: Thesis Option, in which a student completes a minimum of 30 credits while conducting thesis research with defense, or Non-Thesis Option, in which a student completes a minimum of 32 credits of core and elective course work.


Kasey Sohm, Early Childhood Education (MA)

Educational Background: BS in Early Childhood Education from Rochester College.

Why UM-Flint? I selected UM-Flint because of the outstanding reputation for excellence that UM-Flint upholds and their outstanding commitment to the community. 

What are some of the best qualities of the Early Childhood Education program? My professors are excellent and committed to the success of each student.  UM-Flint as an institution is a campus that is very welcoming to their students; you feel as though you are a part of a smaller community.  


Erick Sustaita, Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Educational Background: BS in Health Sciences from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Why UM-Flint? I have been a student at this university for a while now. When the OTD program started I knew it was meant to be, and I am very fortunate to have been accepted into the only Doctor of Occupational Therapy program in the state of Michigan!

What are some of the best qualities of the OTD program? What stands out to me in terms of this Occupational Therapy program is how close-knit everything is. From our cohort to our professors, everyone is there to help you succeed. I believe this quality to be imperative to learn as well as enjoy your time at the university. Also, the content we learn is authentic, evidence-based occupational therapy!


Anthony Watson, Business Administration (MBA)

Educational Background: Associate degree in Management from Mott Community College; a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Baker College as well as a master’s degree in Agriculture from Michigan State University.

Why UM-Flint? After speaking to various employers and other universities, I decided that I wanted to matriculate at the University of Michigan-Flint, in order to obtain a dual Masters in Business Administration and Leadership with a concentration in International Business.  The quality of learning is comparable to other national leading universities.  Professors enhance integrative learning and staff are concerned with the success of students with and without challenges.

What are some of the best qualities of the MBA program? UM-Flint’s MBA program is a dynamic program that offers several dual degrees and concentrations.  Using core competencies to build critical thinking skills, advanced theoretical concepts, real life problem solving and skill building opportunities, students are prepared to implement various forms of strategy in real world challenges.


Anna Rose Wiencek, Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Educational Background: BS in Exercise Science and Health from University of Idaho

Why UM-Flint? UM-Flint provides great opportunities to get involved early with research, leadership positions, and there is a great professor to student ratio. The staff is also extremely helpful and the facilities are very nice.  The new OT Lab is state of the art and a great place to learn.

What are some of the best qualities of the OTD program? The best qualities are it is very hands on and experience based.  We get involved in the community and work with PTs, as well. The professors are very good at communicating and answer all the questions that you have. The classrooms are set up to make the learning environment great.