Meet with a Graduate Student Ambassador

The Office of Graduate Programs employs a number of current graduate students to serve as Graduate Student Ambassadors (GSAs).  These GSAs are available to meet with prospective students upon request to provide an in-depth look at their program of study, answer questions and provide invaluable insight of a current student in the program.  You can also:

  • Have lunch or coffee on-campus with the GSA
  • Sit in on a graduate level class or lab
  • Tour UM-Flint and/or your department of interest

Like Bruce in the testimonial below, if you are interested in scheduling time to meet with a Graduate Student Ambassador, please call or email Erin Strom in the Office of Graduate Programs at or at 810.762.3171.

Current GSAs include the students below.



Damilola Alao, Business Administration

Educational Background: BS in Computer Information Systems from Babock University in Nigeria.

Why UM-Flint? UM-Flint was my pick based on the fact that the MBA program offers a concentration in Information Systems, it is affordable and the cost of living around UM-Flint is also affordable.

What are some of the best qualities of the MBA program? The best qualities of my graduate program are the hands-on industry cases that we get to work on in-class as well as the privilege of being taught by seasoned professors who have both academic and work experiences. UM-Flint as an institution also provides the conducive environment for effective learning with a low student, faculty ratio.


Dominic Chiantello, Physical Therapy (DPT)

Educational Background: BS in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

Why UM-Flint? Great history of success and long time standing program. Being affiliated with the University of Michigan was a big draw as well.

What are some of the best qualities of the DPT program? The graduate DPT program has many great qualities, but the one that stands out to me the most is how great the faculty is. The professors are very personable and really want to see you succeed. It's easy to tell they love what they do and love passing on their knowledge to future clinicians.


Chenghao Gan, Accounting

Educational Background: BA in Economics from Indiana University.

Why UM-Flint? Compared to other graduate programs, UM-flint’s MSA is more valuable, affordable, and flexible.

What are some of the best qualities of the MSA program? The professors are extremely nice and approachable.


Katelyn Harvey, Physical Therapy (DPT)

Educational Background: BS in Allied Health Sciences from Grand Valley State University.

Why UM-Flint? Originally, I decided to come to UM-Flint because of the cost, but after touring the facilities and meeting the faculty that I would have for the duration of the program, I realized that the cost was a small positive in comparison. The campus is clean and very inviting everywhere you go.  The faculty made me feel welcome and important at the open house I went to before I was even a student.

What are some of the best qualities of the DPT program? Some of the best qualities about the program is that all the professors are PT’s, some are still even practicing PT’s. The facilities and opportunities offered through the program are amazing as well. This includes the free clinic, PT Heart, where I get hands on practice with patients, the real-life practical’s, and inter-professional communications that are recently being added to the program.


Holly Kopesky, Social Sciences

Educational Background: BA in Elementary Education from UM-Flint.

Why UM-Flint?   I decided to return to UM-Flint for my master's because I know that another University of Michigan diploma will not only make me more marketable in the workforce, but it will also prepare me to go on to post-graduate study.

What are some of the best qualities of the Social Sciences program?  The MASS Program is very individualized, and offers students many choices and opportunities.  Every instructor I have had has been an expert in their field, and my advisor is very available, helpful, and invested in my success. The programs and scholarships that are available have made the financial aspects of returning to school so much easier.


Shirley-Ann Osei Onomah, Public Health

Educational Background: BS in Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Ghana.

Why UM-Flint? I chose UM-Flint because I wanted an intimate learning atmosphere where I could nurture my passion in healthcare. I wanted an institution where I could be more involved in academics as well as community activities.

What are some of the best qualities of the MPH program? The MPH program provides individualized attention to students. It grants a sound sense of confidence in program specialization in both its theory and practical aspects ,with faculty members who are ready to assist students with internship and research opportunities, as well as how to succeed in the academic as well as professional environment.


Joel Smith, Education Specialist

Educational Background: BA in Education from UM-Flint and MA in Teaching from Marygrove College

Why UM-Flint?  As an undergraduate student, I earned my degree at UM-Flint.  I had a wonderful experience with the classes, professors, and staff, and I knew that UM–Flint would be a great place to pursue an Education Specialist degree.

What are some of the best qualities of the EdS program?  UM-Flint offers the Education Specialist degree in a mixed-mode format.  The online component allows those with careers and families the opportunity to work at their own pace.  The face-to-face portion of the program, one Saturday a month, gives students the opportunity to work closely with other professionals that are passionate about students and education.  The professors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and work hard to tailor the program around current events and trends in education.


Joshua Wentz, Liberal Studies

Educational Background: BA in Advertising from Michigan State University.

Why UM-Flint?  I selected the MALS program due to its flexibility in both course content and physical location.  In my electives, I could pursue which classes appealed to me and took advantage of the online format to live abroad for about half of the time I had been studying here.

What are some of the best qualities of the MALS program?  Some of the best qualities of the program are the ways in which each student is able to pursue his or her passions.  Additionally, though one might feel that there could be a disconnect between students given the online format, many of my classmates and I form strong bonds, sharing multiple classes and really getting to know one another.  We've even organized physical get-togethers near campus to celebrate the end of semesters.