Applying for a Dual Degree or an Additional Degree

To pursue a dual degree, a student must apply and receive admission to both graduate programs. Admission in one program does not guarantee admission into another. Tuition rates for the dual degree programs are charged at the primary degree rate. 

Current UM-Flint Graduate Students and Alumni

If you are currently admitted to or enrolled in UM-Flint graduate program, or if you have graduated with a graduate degree from UM-Flint, submit the following to the Office of Graduate Programs:

  1. Application for Dual Degree or Additional Degree [can be emailed to or faxed to (810) 766-6789]
  2. New Statement of Purpose as required by the proposed program of study
  3. Academic transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your admission to the first graduate program of study at UM-Flint
  4. Other documents required for admission by the proposed program of study

New UM-Flint Graduate Students

A separate Graduate Application for Admission and all required supporting documents is required for admission into each program.  See each program's admission page for more information.