Fall 2020 Graduate Orientation

on-campus orientation for fall 2020 has been canceled due to the covid 19 situation. we encourage you to utilize our online orientation, available on blackboard:

Our asynchronous online orientation is available now via the instructions below. Students should expect the series of videos to take less than 30 minutes to complete. Although we track attendees and recommend all students complete the orientation, it is not required.

Instructions for accessing the Grad Programs Online Orientation course in Blackboard:

  1. Visit my.umflint.edu
  2. Click the link for Blackboard
  3. Under your course list there will be a link to “Grad Programs Online Orientation”
  4. Click that course and follow the course modules starting with the first “Congratulations!” video.

If you are having difficulty accessing the course please email Erin Strom in our office.

Anesthesia (DNAP) 2020 Orientation

Please contact Lisa Pagano-Lawrence for more information at lpganol@umich.edu.

EdS/EdD 2020 Orientation

Please contact Linda Blakey for more information at lblakey@umich.edu.

Educational Administration (MPA) 2020 Orientation

Please contact Marisa Eynon-Ezop for more information at mezop@umich.edu.

Inclusive Education Orientation

A formal orientation is not held for the Inclusive Education program.  A welcome video featuring Dr. Sreckovic will be shared with admitted students.  

Please contact Dr. Sreckovic with any questions.

International Student Orientation

Please refer to the International Center website or email the International Center for additional information.

Occupational Therapy (OTD) 2020 Orientation

Please contact Christina Wixson for additional information at cwixson@umich.edu.

Physical Therapy (DPT) 2020 Orientation

Please contact Frank Fanzone for more information at ffanzone@umich.edu.

School of Management Orientation

Please contact Craig Gomolka for additional information at cgomolka@umich.edu.

School of Nursing Orientation

Please contact Julie Westenfeld for additional information at jyankee@umich.edu.