Constance Creech, Ed.D., MSN, RN, ANP-BC

Associate Professor of Nursing

Education: Wayne State University - Ed.D., MSN, University of Michigan-Flint, BSN

Research Interests:  The primary focus of Dr. Creech's research is educational research examining all aspects of student learning and faculty teaching. She also researches clinical practice improvement topics jointly with DNP students. Her research interests include health promotion, patient satisfaction, and chronic pain.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I am a hands on program director that enjoys creatively developing curriculum and assisting students with their unique learning needs.  I like to know and be involved with all aspects of the graduate nursing programs.  I also like the challenge of grant writing and feel especially happy when I am able to secure funds  that assist students to return to graduate school.

Who has had the greatest influence on your career?  

I credit my growth as a program director over the last eight years to Dr. Margaret Andrews, director of the department of Nursing, who allowed me to be creative and think about the big picture when developing new nursing programs.  She liked to  say “ well, it is your program so make it what you want and one you would be proud of.”   I also learned for her that happiness  and productivity at work is  about liking the people you work with, so “nurture them, make friends with them, and be nice to them”.   I also credit my success and the success of the graduate nursing program to the dedicated faculty that teach in these programs.


Past two term elected American Academy of Nurse Practitioners State Representative for Michigan, Outstanding SHPS alumni award 2010, over 4 million dollars in awarded HRSA grant funding for student training and expansion of programs.


Competitive Scrabble, fitness/exercising at the UM-Flint Recreation Center, travel, boating, and book club.

Current Projects:

Examining the state of Nurse Practitioner Education internationally, developing several  new graduate programs and certificates,  and grant writing every year  to seek additional funding for students and programs.