Rolling Admission is an admission offer once the application is reviewed instead of moving into the general pool.

The difference between Early Decision and Rolling Admission:

The PTCAS Early Decision program is a binding option for applicants who decide that a particular physical therapy degree program is their first choice and they commit to enroll if accepted. Early Decision applicants can only apply to one physical therapy degree program.  UM-Flint is not a part of the Early Decision program via PTCAS.

UM-Flint DPT Rolling Admission is the process with which applicants can be offered admission immediately upon application review and are not limited to one school, like the Early Decision.  This process offers applicants an opportunity to be admitted to the program prior to the December final decisions. 

Rolling Admission Metrics: 

  • Cumulative GPA:  3.50 or higher
  • Science GPA: 3.50 or higher

Rolling Admission Attributes:

  • Essay Questions:  Answered with great breadth and depth of topic
  • Letters of recommendations: Both letters (one from a PT and one from academia) highly recommended

Rolling Admission Experiences:

  • Observation/work hours with a PT: not required but please submit if you have them
  • Life and academic experiences: looking for breadth and depth of experiences at least 3 of the one of the following:
  • Well written personal essay
  • Well written re-application Essay
  • International Service Learning or study abroad
  • Interprofessional educational experiences
  • College sports
  • Honors courses
  • Military
  • Second career
  • Leadership positions
  • Previous published/presented research
  • 2nd language
  • 1st generation college student
  • Last 2 year performance (all grades B or higher)
  • 4 year college sciences (all sciences taken at 4 year university)
  • Graduate level courses taken
  • Resilience written about in personal essay demonstrating great character with difficult situations
  • Kinesiology / movement science courses