English Proficiency Pathway Program

Conditional admission to the Pathway Program may be offered to international applicants to non-Rackham graduate programs who meet academic admission criteria but who do not meet the minimum university English proficiency requirements.  Conditional admission may be granted to applicants who attended a foreign institution where the language of instruction was partially (but not exclusively) in English or where English language instruction cannot be verified or whose test scores are in the following ranges:

Test Score Range
TOEFL paper-based test Total score betwen 520 and 560
TOEFL Internet-based test Total score between 68 and 84
IELTS Total score between 5.5 and 6.5
MELAB Total score between 73 and 80
ECPE Exam is passed, but any section performance is LP

Students admitted to the Pathway Program are required to enroll in a minimum of one ELP course in each term and are permitted to concurrently take up to two academic courses per term.  Conditional students may enroll for up to two semesters in the Pathway Program until proficiency is reached.  If proficiency is not reached after two semesters, admission to the Pathway Program is revoked.

Proficiency status is met when one of the following occurs:

  • Student obtains a minimum score or higher on one of the exams
  • Student completes one Level 6 ELP course with a B or better and receives the recommendation of the ELP Program Director to move full-time into academic courses with no ELP requirement

Once satisfactory proficiency in English has been demonstrated, the conditional status will be removed and a new Form I-20 will be issued.

Effective date: Fall 2017