Full-Time Enrollment Criteria

The criteria for full-time enrollment for graduate students varies depending on the situation. Please see the appropriate section below for the definition as it pertains to the particular situation.

General Enrollment for Financial Aid and Registration

In general, graduate students are considered full-time for reporting, financial aid, and general enrollment certification with the following registration:

Fall or Winter – 8 credits (4-7 credits is half-time)
Spring/Summer (combined) – 4 credits (2-3 credits is half-time)

Students in the Anesthesia (DNAP) and Physical Therapy (entry-level DPT) programs are considered “full time” with the following registration:

Fall or Winter – 12 credits
Spring or Summer – 6 credits

International Students on a Student Visa

For purposes of maintaining visa status, students on an F-1 (student) visa must maintain the following enrollment to be considered full-time:

Rackham programs, Fall or Winter – 8 credits
Non-Rackham programs, Fall or Winter – 6 credits

International students are not required to register in the spring or summer terms unless that is their first term of enrollment, in which case they must register for at least one course per term.

Enrollment Verification

The University verifies enrollment status for many purposes which include, but are not limited to, loan deferments, Pell Grants, all loan programs, health insurance, certifications, potential employers, attendance for the Family Independence Agency, and the Veterans Administration. In addition, it needs to be noted that the only office authorized to verify enrollment for any reason is the Office of the Registrar. All requests for enrollment verification must be forwarded to the Registrar for official processing. Such processing shall include the Registrar’s signature and University seal. If you have any questions, you may contact the Registrar at 810-762-3067.