Guest Student General Policies

The following policies apply to Guest Students applying for graduate programs at the University of Michigan-Flint.

  • A transcript, diploma, or other proof of a bachelor's or master's degree earned at an accredited institution is required for admission.
  • Guest students must obtain instructor and/or program director approval for each course they wish to elect.
  • Guest students must also obtain approval from their advisor in the program in which they are currently enrolled or admitted.
  • Prerequisites, grading standards, class assignments, and attendance requirements of a course apply to all students in that course, including guest students.
  • Colleges, departments, schools, and programs determine rules of access to their courses and may limit enrollment of guest students in certain courses.
  • Graduate guest students are not eligible for most sources of financial aid from UM-Flint. 
  • Guest admission is for one term only. Students who wish to enroll in a future term as a guest student must submit another application.