Graduate Thesis

Starting Fall 2016, all graduate students at UM-Flint must complete the following process to submit their graduate thesis for binding and for inclusion in ProQuest, Deep Blue, and Google Scholar.  Theses will be submitted online through ProQuest's ETD Administrator.

Steps to Complete Graduate Thesis at UM-Flint:

  1. Complete and defend your thesis as instructed by your individual program of study.  (Each program of study has developed their own guidelines including title page requirements for thesis projects.)
  2. Secure original signatures on title page from program faculty.
  3. Prepare for online submission of thesis through ProQuest's ETD Administrator by ensuring that you have access to the following items:
    1. An electronic copy (PDF preferred) of your dissertation/thesis.
    2. Abstract or paragraph from your introduction that describes the content of your thesis.
    3. Optional supplementary files (images, data, etc.) that are an integral part of your dissertation/thesis, but not part of the full text.
      1. This includes a scanned PDF copy of the signature page (with original signatures) from your thesis advisor and/or committee member(s).
    4. Advisor or other Committee Member names.
    5. Subject categories – 1-3 categories that best describe your dissertation/thesis’ subject area. Visit here for more information. 
  4. Access the Instructions for Submitting Graduate Theses online.
  5. Submit your thesis online using the ProQuest ETD Administrator site.


Below are helpful links that should be explored for more information:

If you need help submitting your thesis, please contact Mary Deibis (, Business Administrator in the Office of the Associate Provost and Graduate Programs, or Liz Svoboda (, Reference Librarian in the Thompson Library.