Jim Ananich, Masters Degree in Public Administration

Jim Ananich is the Minority Leader in the Michigan State Senate. He is serving his first full term in the Senate where he proudly represents the people of Burton, Clio, Flint, Flint Township, Forest Township, Genesee Township, Mount Morris, Mount Morris Township, Richfield Township, Swartz Creek, Thetford Township, and Vienna Township. Ananich has also served two terms in the Michigan House of Representatives and four years on the Flint City Council, including one year as its president.

Ananich is a former teacher at Carman-Ainsworth and Flint Community Schools, and also worked as an education coordinator for Priority Children, helping train Genesee County youth to secure internships and jobs.

After graduating from Flint Central High School, Ananich earned a bachelor’s degree in political economics and a secondary education certificate from Michigan State University, and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Jim lives in Flint with his wife and son, Andrea and Jacob, as well as their dog, Maddie.

Helen Budd, Masters Degree in Public Administration

“I’m finally done!”

Famous last words!  After I graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Cleary University in 2009 with a concentration in Non-Profit Management, I thought my higher education career had finally ended and I could read a good fiction novel!  That was the case for a while, and then I moved to the University of Michigan-Flint in 2013 where a whole new world of different programs beckoned.

It took me a couple of years to take this next significant leap into academia, but the Master of Public Administration was my first and obvious choice.  I am service-oriented which is clearly reflected in my career path, serving student veterans who have earned various education benefits and tuition assistance resources during their service.  In addition, I serve dependents of military service members who are entitled to VA benefits in certain situations.  I have now worked in this kind of role for 12 years.

Obviously, working with VA benefits in my current role at UM-Flint (Go Blue!) requires a certain level of knowledge of federal and state regulations and the intergovernmental relationships that are involved.  Additionally, there are many non-profit resources and peer mentor programs for veterans and dependents.  What better choice, then, for a second Master’s degree than the MPA?  I am excited that this degree will equip me with essential knowledge, should I seek a position somewhere in the state, federal or local government, which is the next logical step for me in my chosen vocation.  Preferably somewhere warmer, where it is 70 degrees year-round … like San Diego, California.  I’ve already selected my corner office facing the San Diego Harbor where I can watch the helicopters and ships all day.

Joking aside, the combination of my MBA in Non-Profit Management and the Master of Public Administration will equip me with the comprehensive realm of knowledge that is expected of public servants and administrators of non-profit organizations.  I know for certain that I will not pursue a career in law, but it will be helpful to have an in-depth knowledge of administrative law and public policy.  My current courses – PUB 500 – Politics, Policy, and Public Administration with Dr. Daniel Hummel, and PUB 519 – Law and Administrative Process with Dr. Saks McManaway – combine some of the same concepts.  What I may not understand in one class is usually clarified in the other.  The classes are interesting (despite their titles!) and I am learning a great deal.

One highlight of the Fall semester – I attended my first football game at the Big House where the Wolverines beat Rutgers!  I traveled to Ann Arbor on the bus with alumni of UM-Flint.  This is an annual outing for homecoming, and a lot of fun!  Now that I have spent that time with some really great people and taken in the atmosphere of the Big House, I can’t wait to become a fully-fledged member of the UM-Flint Alumni Association!

Go Blue!

William Carrington, Masters Degree in Public Administration

My career focus in Public Administration has been led by my passion to serve my community in several capacities. From non-profits, healthcare, education, or in the political arena my degree has given me a diverse skill-set.

William A. Carrington, 51, graduated with his Master of Public Administration from the University of Michigan-Flint’s Master of Public Administration program in 2005 with a concentration in non-profit agencies. Currently, William is Vice-President of the Pontiac School District, Board of education; elected in 2014. The school district serves all of the city of Pontiac, portions of Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus and Sylvan Lake as well as segments of the townships of Bloomfield, Orion, Waterford, and West Bloomfield.

In addition, Carrington works for Wayne State University-School of Medicine where he serves as Data and Quality Manager, for the HIV/AIDS clinics. This program is responsible for serving over 2400 clients with their healthcare needs. As well, he is Adjunct Professor in Sociology for Oakland Community College-Auburn Hill campus.

In 2016, Carrington with Earline Dowell and Iola Adams established WeCare Neighborhood Association, a community non-profit in the city of Pontiac, MI. to address issues/concerns related to safety, community, neighborhood beautification, and education.

Bridgett Fenner, Masters Degree in Public Administration

Since I was a teenager, my ultimate goal was to be a physical therapist. I love interacting with people, almost as much as I love helping them. What better avenue than the PT field? However, it’s an extremely competitive field to get into, as anyone else who has applied can attest to. After trying three times, and tiring of being on waitlist after waitlist, I soul searched for what felt like an eternity to determine where else I could lend my talents.

In the midst of my determination toward being a physical therapist, I was fortunate enough to maintain a job in that field at a physical therapy clinic in HealthQuest Physical Therapy of Romeo. First, starting out as a physical therapy technician. This gave me the one-on-one time with patients that I needed to become comfortable in the field. As time went on, my responsibilities grew to be community outreach coordinator. I was responsible for building and maintaining relationships in the community with our clinic. After years of behind-the-scenes experience, I eventually was granted another promotion to clinical manager, with a transfer.

Within the past year of transferring to another clinic as clinical manager, I have learned and grown so much. It was so rewarding to be in a place and help build it from the ground up, since the North Rochester location was fairly new, and needed a clinical manager to help maintain the technician staff. Every day is always full of new and exciting challenges, from every area. I never know what to expect. I have been even more fortunate to utilize my MPA with my Health Care Administration focus to help tackle these problems in a proper way.

Between the always dynamic atmosphere of our growing clinic, and my degree, I feel more than prepared to reach my new ultimate goal: a hospital administrator. The professors I have encountered have been infinite sources of knowledge and advice on how to further my career, along with my coworkers. My HealthQuest family is always there for support, and I am beyond thankful for them.