Brenna Dressler, MPH Candidate

The MPH program at UM-Flint greatly values diversity. Staff and students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring their own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas to create an environment that continually enhances my world view. This is especially important since I hope to have a career in Global Health someday; creating, implementing, and evaluating programs related to maternal and child health around the developed and developing world. Ideally, I would really enjoy working in Africa. Since I studied abroad there during my undergrad, I fell in love with the people and culture of the continent.

The PHHS department very graciously helped pay for a few students and I to go to the American Public Health Associations annual conference and expo. This conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia in early November. It opened my eyes to the endless research, volunteer, and career opportunities that my MPH degree can offer me. Additionally, it helped to enhance my professional skills and learn more about specific topics that are of interest to me.

Felicia Fermosa, MPH Graduate

I returned to UM-Flint for my graduate studies because of the positive experience I had here in my undergraduate degree. The MPH faculty and staff care about you as a person and your success in the program.  I was never just a number to them because they want to see each and every student succeed. The expectations and goals that are set for MPH students are challenging, but obtainable. My highest aspiration is to move forward with my doctoral degree. UM-Flint has given me the tools from the classroom and real world scenarios from our professors, to be successful in and out of the classroom.

I feel that during my time in the graduate program, Eta Sigma Gamma is “Newsworthy” of many things. In the fall of 2016, Eta Sigma gamma sponsored 2 events. The 1st event was a Health Fair. Eta Sigma Gamma along with the North End Soup kitchen sponsored a Health Fair where community members could receive information regarding health insurance, health care, physical therapy assistance and receive water filters and sleeping bags. The 2nd event was to adopt a family at Christmas time. In the winter of 2017, Eta Sigma gamma also ran a campaign the week of finals called Hugs not Drugs to bring awareness to students regarding the effects of how certain drugs/medication may impact their studies.   I also feel like the Blood Drive that Dr. Lisa Lapeyrouse coordinates with her Health Communications class and American Heart is “Newsworthy”. Many people do not understand the importance of blood donation and just how many lives are saved with 1 pint of blood. Dr. Lapeyrouse has been coordinating the blood drive for past 5 years and has the distinct honor of organizing the largest blood drive in Genesee County.

Shirley-Ann Osei Onomah, MPH Candidate

UM-Flint’s MPH program teaches you, not only theoretical concepts, but also the application of these concepts in working environments based on the nature of the problem. Coursework has been structured to build confidence in one’s approach to solving issues, while also stressing teamwork. Since healthcare administration consists of more than doctors and health professionals, UM-Flint places great emphasis on interprofessional teamwork. Discipline, commitment, hard work and dedication are at the forefront of its educational system. The MPH program prepares you for the real world, enabling you to make sound and firm decisions on the go, and the ability to integrate into whichever team or group of health professionals one has to work with.

The MPH program provides individualized attention to students. It grants a sound sense of confidence in program specialization in both its theory and practical aspects, with faculty members who are ready to assist students with internship and research opportunities, as well as how to succeed in both the academic and professional environment. There are also very fulfilling volunteer opportunities available (such as the PT-Heart program), where you can give back to the community  You complete the Master of Public Health program with proficiency and competency in all core domains of Public Health.

Shawn Schutt, MPH Candidate

My highest aspiration is to work in a community and help minority populations achieve better health. My Public Health degree from the University of Michigan-Flint will help with that because of the exposure I have had with the community of Flint. Learning about what barriers are in place in this community, how to break down those barriers, and how to improve health outcomes in different populations is information that will carry me through my career. U of M Flint’s Masters of Public Health program should brag about how the classroom environment actually feels like. I genuinely feel connected to the people in my classes. From my first semester, I have never felt out of place or like I didn’t belong in this program. We have a super welcoming environment in our program that could make anyone feel at home.