Advanced learners welcome.

There are many ways to advance your education through UM-Flint graduate programs, even if you don’t plan to pursue a graduate degree. We invite you to explore the alternate paths to graduate-level knowledge and courses.

Lifelong Learning: At UM-Flint, we believe learning is a lifelong endeavor. If you’re interested in participating in graduate-level courses but not in pursuing a graduate degree, we invite you to explore our lifelong learning opportunities, including how to apply.

Guest Students at UM-Flint: Our campus offers graduate students from other colleges and universities the opportunity to attend UM-Flint as a guest without being formally admitted. Learn more about these programs and how to apply.

Guest Students at Other Institutions: UM-Flint also offers current UM-Flint graduate students the opportunity to study at another Michigan college or university as a guest student. Learn more about our Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Student (MIGS) guest program as well as opportunities to study at University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses.