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Learn more about what our Graduate Students are writing about in their thesis papers. Here are the top 50 most downloaded theses from our students!

  Title Author Year Program Downloads
1 Comparing public and private prison systems Gregson, Joseph Shannon 2000 Public Administration 8496
2 Faces of Feminism: The Gibson Girl and the Held Flapper in Early Twentieth Century Mass Culture Palso, Raina-Joy Jenifer 2001 Liberal Studies 2380
3 The Cult of True Womanhood: Women of the Mid-nineteenth Century and Their Assigned Roles as Reflected in Contemporary Writing Bonventre, Laurie. 2005 Liberal Studies 1010
4 Hemingway in Turkey:  The Influence of His Turkish Experiences on His Writing Kuyucu, Neriman. 2013 Liberal Studies 866
5 Fast food frenzy: An examination of the industry's success and its toll on America Buado, Michelle Ramirez. 2009 Liberal Studies 849
6 Shadow warriors: Navy SEALS and the rise in American society Butzin, Cory. 2009 Liberal Studies 707
7 Acceptability and appeal of a web-based smoking prevention intervention for adolescents Parlove, Amy E. 2003 Health Education 651
8 Classification: Absolutism vs Relativism Weist, Darren 2016 Computer Science 548
9 An American Indian Revolution:  The American Indian Movement and the Occupation of Wounded Knee, SD, 1973 Timmerman, Nicholas A. 2012 Liberal Studies 451
10 Barriers Faced by Nurse Anesthetist Entrepreneurs wishing to implement an office based anesthesia practice Mwaura, David 2017 Anesthesia 411
11 Joseph McCarthy and the Loss of China:  A Study in Fear and Panic Ferenz, Adam. 2014 Liberal Studies 373
12 Effects of autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb.) density on the growth of mature white oak trees (Quercus alab L.) Andrijonas, Marija R. 2011 Biology 353
13 Presidential Leadership in Education:  The Federal Education Policies from Lyndon Johnson to Bill Clinton Hight, Michael Lee. 2011 Liberal Studies 334
14 Capturing Detroit Through An Underground Lens:  Issues of the Sixties Inside Pages of the Detroit Fifth Estate, 1965-1970 Edsall, Harold Bressmer. 2010 Liberal Studies 315
15 Ellery Queen: Forgotten Master Detective Akers-Jordan, Cathy. 1998 Liberal Studies 288
16 The Development of a Post Anesthesia Care Unit Patient Quantitative Assessment/Predictive Tool to Manage Post-Operative Health Alterations Cook, Robin E. 2017 Anesthesia 280
17 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and advance directives Williams, Melody 2002 Nursing 246
18 American Film Short Subjects and the Industry's Transition to Sound Bradley, Edwin M. 2001 Liberal Studies 241
19 The Hidden Truthiness: The Unexpected Effects of Late-Night Television Comedy and Satire on American Politics and Culture Skonieczny, Jody Kay 2017 Liberal Studies 221
20 Rallying Cry:  Songs of Social Change - The Artists They Motivated, The Movements They Inspired Ornstein, Cindy. 2013 Liberal Studies 198
21 Amateur Road Racing in Michigan: Three Institutions Ranville, Richard. 2009 Liberal Studies 194
22 Subjective Assessments of Physical Activity in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Gore, Shweta 2017 Physical Therapy 184
23 On How the Republican Party Won Elections: 1860 to 1892 Tiffany, Jordan 2017 Social Studies 174
24 Developing an Innovative Educational Environment Using Web 2.0 Mohamed, HousamEldin Adel-Ragab 2016 Computer Science 156
25 Illegal Immigration: The Mexican Perspective Fields, Lisa A. 2007 Liberal Studies 153
26 Hip Hop Through Gendered Eyes Ireland, Jia 2017 Social Studies 129
27 The professional division over the treatment of homosexuality and how it has been influenced by the gay political movement Coy, Thomas. 2012 Liberal Studies 128
28 Brain-based learning for preschoolers Wind, Kathleen M. 2001 Education 124
29 Health perceptions and health behaviors in the elderly age 65 and older Fenner, Deborah K. 2002 Nursing 124
30 Letters from an American character Ziegenmeyer (Rubenstein), Deborah 2001 Liberal Studies 114
31 A Comparative Examination of German-American Women Immigrants in the Rural and Urban Areas of America in the Nineteenth Century Rex, Brigitte A. 2001 Liberal Studies 103
32 Peri-operative Patient Education:  What Methods of Patient Education Will Better Prepare Patients forTheir Surgical Experience; and Will Better Preparation Result in Increased Patient Satisfaction Dye, Jacqueline; Kennedy, Roberta 2008 Nursing 103
33 What it means to be modern: Elizabeth Bishop's New York notebook, 1934-1937 Blasko, Loretta. 2006 Liberal Studies 102
34 Perpetuating the Myth:  A Critical Examination of the Film Inherit the Wind and its Portrayal of the Scopes Trial Morse, Scott J. 2008 Liberal Studies 102
35 Managing Police Use of Force: Policy and Training Issues for Administrators Solomon, Steven P. 2001 Public Administration 100
36 Evaluation of a Family-Based Health Education Program Addressing Childhood Obesity in Detroit, MI Miller, Shelby Marie 2017 Public Health 100
37 Oral health status of students in one mid-western university Duzdar, Rand 2016 Public Health 93
38 Peer Support Arrangements in the Inclusive Middle School Setting: An In-Depth Look from Observations, Work Samples and Participant Perspectives Cook, Michele 2017 Education 90
39 The Learning Involved for Teachers When Adapting Practices to Reflect the Reggio Emilia Philosophy Rajput, Nilu S. 2017 Education 89
40 The effects of exercise on depression in college students McKinney, Arlene M. 2007 Nursing 88
41 School Administrator Perception of Merit Pay on Motivation and Job Performance: A Descriptive Case Study Brasington, Joyce Ann 2016 Education 85
42 Combating the Threat of Female Athletes:  Affirmations of Femininity and Heterosexuality in Women's Professional Sports Riek, Kathleen 2008 Liberal Studies 84
43 Social norms and smoking behavior in college age students Tucker, Kelly L. 2006 Health Education 76
44 Baseball: The Negro Leagues and Racism in America Hull, John L. 1999 Liberal Studies 75
45 The United States sentencing guidelines and crack cocaine : A call for parsimony in the form of intermediate sanctions Hubbard, David J. 2008 Public Administration 75
46 Fuzzy logic classification of handwritten signature based computer access and file encryption Kwarteng, Emmanuel. 2010 Computer Science 73
47 New Anesthesia Services in Office-Based Endoscopy: An Anesthesia Business Plan Jacobsen, Katherine Margaret 2017 Anesthesia 72
48 Analysis of landlord/tenant mediation & disparate impact towards low-income people Baird, Patricia A. 2004 Public Administration 70
49 Women and volunteerism in America Zientek, Renee C. 2012 Liberal Studies 70
50 Unique Herpetofauna of Murphy Lake State Game Area, Tuscola County, Michigan : Northern Dusky Salamander (Desmognathus fuscus) and Six-Lined Racerunner (Aspidscelis sexlineata) Yoder (Carlson), Teresa A. 2007 Biology 69