Recommendation Letters

Recommendations can be submitted online (for those using the online application) or by mail.

Option A: Submit Recommendations Online

To utilize this option, you must know the names, titles, addresses, and email addresses of your recommenders AND you must use the online application. Recommenders will be sent a User ID and password to complete the recommendation form online and submit it electronically to the university. Do not send paper copies of recommendations to the university when recommendations are submitted electronically. This option is not available if you apply using a paper application.

If you wish to have one or more of your recommenders submit their recommendations online, you must enter the appropriate information in the fields as indicated on the online application: Name, Title, Institution/Company, City/State/Phone, and Email Address. Please type the email address carefully, as the recommender will not receive notification to complete the form online if the email address is entered incorrectly.

All applicants must answer the final question, even if some/all of your recommenders will be submitting their recommendations via mail: Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you (if admitted and enrolled) will have access to the information provided unless you have waived such access. Do you wish to waive your right of access to the information provided by recommender(s)?

After you submit your application, your recommenders will be sent an email with a UserID and password requesting that they complete the recommendation form online. It is your responsibility to ensure that recommendations are submitted by specified application deadlines. You may check the status of your recommendations online. On that site, you will be able to view the names of those who have successfully submitted their recommendations.

If you do not have all the information necessary to use the online letters of recommendation, please answer the final question and complete the rest of your application. You can either return to the online application with the unknown information at a later time or submit it without it and have your recommenders submit their recommendations using the appropriate paper forms.

Option B: Use the Postal Service and Recommendation for Admission Form

Paper letters of recommendation must be sent to the Office of Graduate Programs. Please use the appropriate Recommendation for Admission form according to your planned program of study. You should provide the recommender with an envelope addressed to:

University of Michigan-Flint
Office of Graduate Programs – 251 Thompson Library
303 E. Kearsley St.
Flint, MI 48502-1950