Process for Requesting Transfer Credit

Students should follow this process when requesting transfer of credit into a graduate program:

  • Request an official transcript with the credit to be sent to the Office of Graduate Programs. (If you had taken the courses prior to applying to UM-Flint, this transcript should be with your admission file and you do not need to request another one unless requested.) We will forward this transcript to your graduate program department for review by faculty.
  • Submit a completed request form (form for non-Rackham program or form for Rackham program) to your faculty advisor, program director, or program's staff assistant.
  • Faculty will review the course(s) and determine if it can be transferred. They may ask for further documentation of the course (syllabus, papers, tests, etc.).  If faculty approve, the department will submit the signed form to the Office of Graduate Programs.
  • The Office of Graduate Programs will check to see that the transfer request meets the basic criteria of the appropriate policy. If it is acceptable, the credit will be posted to the transcript and you will be notified (along with the person who signed the form).