Graduate Student Scholarships

Scholarships are available for graduate students admitted to or enrolled in a University of Michigan-Flint graduate program who meet the criteria. They require neither repayment nor employment. Some graduate student scholarships are applicable to students in any graduate program; others are available to students in particular programs. Information about scholarships available to all graduate students is listed in this section.

Do I qualify?

Scholarships are based on academic performance. Each scholarship has established its own criteria for qualification:

When can I receive a scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded for the fall and winter semesters in most cases.

How do I apply?

Before you can apply, you must be admitted to a graduate program.  After you are accepted, you apply for scholarships online via SIS between mid-December and June 1.  You will apply for all university scholarships with this single online application. Please note, however, that you must submit letters of reference and any other supporting documents (as required by each individual scholarship) directly to the Office of Financial Aid following the completion of the electronic application. Failure to submit required supporting documents will disqualify you from scholarship consideration. All materials are due by June 1.

Graduate Scholarships for Individual Degree Programs

Many graduate programs have scholarships available for their students.  Please contact the appropriate program or department or check with the Office of Financial Aid for information about these scholarships:

  • Anesthesia (DNAP Entry-Level) Program Scholarships

    • Diane Brown, CRNA Scholarship
    • Virginia K. Polzin, CRNA Scholarship
    • Barbara I. Sprague, CRNA Scholarship
  • Biology (MS) Program Scholarship
    • Emmalyn Ellis Freeman Master of Science in Biology Scholarship
  • Business Administration (MBA) Program Scholarships
    • Charles Erickson Rachor Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Ralph M. and Emmalyn E. Freeman Net+! MBA Scholarship
  • Computer Science and Information Systems (MS)
    • Ralph M. and Emmalyn E. Freeman Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics Scholarship
    • Susan G. Helser Computer Science Scholarship Fund
  • Education (MA)
    • Ralph and Emmalyn Freeman Master of Arts in Education Scholarship
    • Kathryn Carl Education Scholarship
    • Professor Mary A. Cooper Book Award
    • Everett L. and Viola E. Bray Scholarship
  • Liberal Studies (MA)
    • Colonel Stockton T.B.W. Scholarship
  • Nursing (DNP & MSN) Program Scholarship
    • Emmalyn Ellis Freeman Nurse Practitioner Scholarship
    • James A. and Marilyn E. Pemberton Scholarship Fund
  • Physical Therapy (DPT) Program Scholarships (Click link for list and details)
  • Public Administration (MPA) Program Scholarships
    • Ralph and Emmalyn Freeman Master of Public Administration Scholarship
    • John D. Cherry Jr. Public Service Scholarship
    • Hanna & Peter Goodstein Scholarship
    • Lillian B. and Bruce E. Wright Memorial Scholarship
  • Public Health (MPH)
    • Gregg A. Pane, M.D. Family Master of Public Health Scholarship