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With over 35 programs, we have a number of experts to help new students with their program-specific questions. Find your connection below:


Office of Graduate Programs

General advising for all graduate programs. 

Graduate Programs

Erin Strom

Graduate Programs Recruiter & Advisor

Erin Strom has worked in the Office of Graduate Programs since 2004.  As the Recruiter and Academic Advisor, Erin is a great initial contact person for those interested in learning more about the graduate programs offered at UM-Flint. She corresponds with prospective students and advises them through the application and admissions process.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Arts Administration, Biology, Computer Science, CSC Certificates, English Language & Literature, Liberal Studies in American Culture, Mechanical Engineering, Public Administration, Educational Administration

College of Arts and Sciences

Marisa Eynon-Ezop

CAS Graduate Programs Recruiter and Admissions Counselor

Marisa comes to the University of Michigan-Flint with several years of admission and advising experience across many areas, including working with international applicants. As a member of the College of Arts and Sciences, Marisa advises new students for the following programs: MA in Arts Administration, MS in Biology, MS in Computer Science and Information Systems, MA in English Language and Literature, MA in Liberal Studies in American Culture, MS in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Public Administration (MPA), MPA - Educational Administration, and the CS certificates: Data Science, Information Security, and Intelligent Systems

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School of Management

MBA, MS-Accounting, MS-Leadership, Business Certificates

School of Management

Craig Gomolka

Business Program Recruiter

Craig has been with UM-Flint and the School of Management for 10+ years.  He recruits and advises for the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Accounting (MSA), Master of Science of Leadership & Organizational Dynamics (MSLOD), as well as the 12-credit Business Certificate and the Post-Master's Business Certificates.

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College of Health Sciences

Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP), Health Care Management (MS), Physical Therapy (DPT, T-DPT, PhD), Occupational Therapy (OTD), Physician Assistant (MSPA), Public Health (MPH).

The College of Health Sciences has a few different advisors for their collective programs. Scroll down to find the correct connection for you.

Public Health and Health Sciences

Brenda Cameron

MPH Program Manager

Brenda joined the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences in 2005 and has worked in several roles from senior secretary, advisor, and manager of quality improvement projects. As the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program Manager, Brenda continues to serve students and faculty in the program and collaborating with units across campus.

Physical Therapy

Frank Fanzone

Administrative Assistant Senior

Frank has over 19 years of experience with the University of Michigan system in administrative work, financials, and event planning. He supports the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Responsibilities include advising prospective students, administering the admission process, event planning, curriculum development committee, and assisting faculty, staff, and students in any capacity as needed.


Lisa Pagano-Lawrence

Administrative Assistant

Lisa has several years of experience of advising students in the health care fields. A former veteran's BSN advisor, Lisa now helps Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) applicants through the admissions process. Lisa also coordinates admission communication, events, and other anesthesia student-centered initiatives. 

Physician Assistant

Sherrene Rigby

Administrative Assistant Senior

Sherrene joined the Physician Assistant Department in December 2019. She has over 15 years of experience in higher education in academic advising, administrative support, and student management. She supports the Program Director, faculty, staff and students of the Physician Assistant program. Other responsibilities include admissions duties with the Office of Graduate Programs, department support of the PA application process, new student orientation and recruitment events as needed.

Occupational Therapy

Dyanna Scott

Administrative Specialist

Dyanna started working in the CHS Dean’s Office while finishing her MPA degree with a health care focus from the University of Michigan – Flint in 2016, and served as an Administrative Assistant.  With her MPA background, Dyanna supports the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program and provides program evaluation services for community organizations, supports HR efforts for the college, and provides general support for the Dean’s Office.

CHS Dean's Office

Christina Wixson

Program Coordinator: PT-PhD, PT Bridge & T-DPT

Christina is the Program Coordinator for the Transitional and Bridge - Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, the PhD in Physical Therapy, as well as the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program. She maintains the PT Department website as well as catalog. She assists the Business Administrator with university processes as needed.  She provides student enrollment and financial advising, collaborates with the Graduate Office relative to the overall marketing plan design and implementation. 


School of Education and Human Services

MA in Early Childhood Education, Doctor of Education (EdD), Educational Administration (MPA), Education Specialist (EdS), Education with Secondary Certification (MAC), MA in Inclusive Education, MA in Literacy Education, and the MA in Mathematics for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators. 

School of Education and Human Services

Linda Blakey

SEHS Academic Advisor

Linda is the academic advisor for the School of Education and Human Services. As a former principal herself, Linda is the perfect fit to help prospective students in the following programs: MA in Early Childhood Education, Doctor of Education (EdD), Education Specialist (EdS), Education with Secondary Certification (MAC), MA in Inclusive Education, MA in Literacy Education, and the MA in Mathematics for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators


School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and all Nursing Certificate programs. 

School of Nursing

Julie Westenfeld

Academic Advisor

Julie is a University of Michigan-Flint graduate who has several years of experience in admissions and advising. Working specifically with School of Nursing students, she advises applicants on the following programs: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - FNP and Nurse Educator, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), DNP - Executive Leadership, and all Nursing Certificate programs

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