Official Transcript Policy

You must contact every college or university you have attended and request that an official transcript be sent to:

Office of Graduate Programs
University of Michigan-Flint
Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson Library
303 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48502-1950

An official transcript is one that is sent directly to UM-Flint from the issuing institution. It must bear the college seal, date, and signature of the registrar. Transcripts issued "to the student" are not official and cannot be accepted.

Many colleges and universities use electronic transcript systems such as Docufide and eScrip to manage the ordering, processing and secure delivery of student transcripts.  Official electronic transcripts may be sent to  Transcripts sent directly from an institution electronically are considered official; transcripts sent from a student electronically are not considered official.

If you attended the University of Michigan-Flint, your UM-Flint transcript will automatically be sent from the Registrar to the Office of Graduate Programs*; there is nothing further you need to do.  If you previously attended UM-Flint and submitted official transcripts from other colleges and universities at the time you were admitted, they may still be on file with the Registrar, and we will attempt to obtain those transcripts on your behalf.  If they are no longer on file, it will be your responsibility to request those transcripts directly from the issuing institutions.

*If you are using the Centralized Application System (PTCAS, OTCAS, NursingCAS, CASPA) you will need to request your official University of Michigan-Flint transcripts and send to CAS.