2009-10 Fellow

Dr. Theodosia (Teddy) Robertson

Dear Students,

I m honored to serve as the first Wyatt Fellow. It is a unique privilege to be able to share my knowledge of Poland with UM-Flint students through Professor Wyatt's generosity to the Department of History. My Polish interests began with living in Poland from 1972-1976, the last decade of communist rule. I studied Polish literature and history, experienced traditional Polish life in the homes of friends, and learned the reality of People's Poland or Poland under communist rule first hand.

Upon return to the US, I earned my PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures at Indiana University in 1985. Studying Polish literature and culture built naturally upon by BA degree in European History. I have taught in the Department of History at UM-Flint since 1986. Every minute of teaching here at UM-Flint has been rewarding. In addition to the history and culture of Poland, I have developed course a on the Holocaust and revised Departmental courses in German and Russian history. My research concerns Bruno Schultz, an outstanding 20th century Polish writer and a Jew murdered in the Holocaust. I have published four articles on his work and translated his biography, Jerzy Ficowski's Regions of the Great Heresy (W.W. Norton, 2004)

Living in Flint has taught me a great deal and provided friends for a lifetime. A city of many ethnic groups, Flint has substantial Slavic, Polish, and Jewish populations. I have enjoyed working with Dom Polski of Flint, the former International Institute, and the Flint Jewish Federation. I look forward to the adventures of the first Wyatt Exploration year, 2009-2010. To see what Krakow looks like and some of the places our student group will visit, please go to my planning blog at http://wyattinkrakow2009.blogspot.com/.

Do zobaczenia!

Phone: (810) 762-3366