Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wyatt Exploration Program?

They Wyatt Exploration Program is specialized program that will  provide a unique and exciting opportunity for students and faculty to join together in the intellectual exploration of the human past. Organized by the Department of History with financial support from the Wyatt Endowment, the program focuses on the history and culture of a specific place or on a particular historical topic. This theme will change on an annual basis, allowing our explorations to span the history of our country and the world beyond. The department's Wyatt Fellow, a faculty member who is an expert in the field under exploration, will plan and organize the program. Featuring affiliated course offerings, special extra-curricular events on campus, and a competition to participate in a university-funded student travel expedition, the Wyatt Exploration Program will enrich and deepen our understand of the world and its history.

Where can I find information about Wyatt events?

Information can be found at the History Department office, department bulletin board, or website. We do also have a Wyatt Exploration Program facebook and Department of History facebook, which will have information about any upcoming events.

Wyat are the Wyatt Exploration Passports for?

The Wyatt Exploration Passports are how you collect stamps from each event you attend. The number of stamps that you have collected is then reviewed as part of the application process for the Travel Expedition.

Who can take part in Wyatt events?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in the Wyatt events that are held on and off campus. History majors and minors are the only ones that are eligable to apply for the Travel Expeditions.

Can I still apply for the travel expedition if I graduate in December?

Yes, history majors or minors that will be graduating in December are still welcome to apply for the travel expedition that takes place in the spring time.