Fully-Funded Study Tours

Wyatt Exploration Program

Since 2009, the Wyatt Exploration Program has provided a unique and exciting opportunity for students and faculty to join together in the intellectual exploration of the human past. The program focus changes each year—allowing us to take over one hundred students to three different continents since the program began.


The culmination of each year's exploration will take place in either the spring or summer semester with a student travel expedition led by our Wyatt Fellow. Selected from our history majors and minors, and historic preservation minors a group of students will be invited by the History Department to participate in this trip. Most student travel expenses will be fully funded by the Department of History so the selection processes is competitive


A central part of the Wyatt Exploration Program is our on-campus events which includes guest lectures, extra curricular activities and coursework. We bring celebrated scholars from around the nation and world to our campus, offer experiences on or near campus and offer formal coursework that explores the theme chosen for that year.


To chart your participation in Wyatt events, students  will receive a Wyatt Exploration Program Passport. Bring this passport to any Wyatt Exploration Program event or activity, and you will receive a stamp that verifies your attendance.