Past Programs

For the past ten years, our faculty have led students to seven different countries on three continents. Take a look at our past programs to see where our students have left their mark on the world.


2019-2020: Ireland: Isle of Saints and Heroes

2018-2019: Japan & Hawaii: History and Connections

2017-2018: Washington D.C.: The Nation's Seat of History

2016-2017: Germany: Land of Peaks and Valleys

2015-2016: London: World City

2014-2015: Japan: It's History and People

2013-2014: Flint: The Alien City

2012-2013: Wales: Land of the Red Dragon

2011-2012: Japan: Tradition and Change

2010-2011: The Old South: An American Story

2009-2010: Poland: Between East and West