Taking part in the Honors Program will set you apart from other applicants to graduate school and from other candidates seeking employment after graduation. Most of your competitors will have college degrees, but few will have adventures like yours. Alumni of the Honors Program have been admitted into numerous graduate programs, including dentistry and law. So far, 95% of the students from the program applying to graduate and professional school have been accepted.

Are you part of the Honors Alumni and would like to share your story?

Let's stay in touch! Maureen Thum, Ph.D., the Honors Program Director, is compiling alumni updates and contact information for the start-up of the Honors Alumni Association. At no cost to you, the Association will send out email newsletters, as well as provide networking opportunities and the chance to catch up with former classmates through various Honors events. We would like to include those who completed the Freshman/Sophomore phase of the program as well as those who graduated as Honors students.

To make this opportunity a success, we need your participation. Please send a brief update of what you've been doing since graduation to Honors-Program@umflint.edu under the subject line "Honors alum." We look forward to hearing from you!


Honors Program Alumni

Dr. Elizabeth A. Jordan

Elizabeth A. Jordan, Ph.D.: Class of 1993

“I feel that being in the University of Michigan-Flint Honors Program exposed me to wonderful professors who helped me to expand my thinking and my goals. The program also exposed me to research and world-renowned researchers.” ~ Dr. Elizabeth A. Jordan, Independent Early Childhood Consultant and Lecturer 1

Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis: Class of 1994

“The Honors Program provided an advantage over other graduates. While colleges were pumping out programmers back then, it was unusual to have a graduate with the background that the Honors Program offered. The experience of writing a thesis and doing the off-campus research made my resume stand out among the rest. It allowed me to research and learn the latest technology that was not yet offered in the Computer Science curriculum.” ~ Rachel Lewis, Senior Software Engineer

Vanessa Ferguson, MPA

Vanessa Ferguson, MPA: Class of 2003

“My off-campus study period led me to where I am working now with Michigan Government Television. In addition, it opened up research opportunities, which I was able to build on in graduate school and beyond.” ~ Vanessa Ferguson, Adjunct Instructor and Political Consultant