How do I apply for the Honors Program?

Applications for the four-year Freshman Program and the two-year Junior/Senior Program are on the Honors website. A short personal statement (described on the application form) is required. You need to be accepted as a student at the University of Michigan-Flint in order to apply.

What are the requirements for admission into the four year program?

Recommended minimum 3.7 high school GPA and 26 composite ACT. Apply early since the application process is competitive.

What if I am a transfer student or a sophomore wishing to join the program?

We admit a small number of transfer students and University of Michigan-Flint sophomores into the program each year. See the application on the Honors website. Recommended: minimum 3.7 college/university GPA.

How will I know if I have been accepted into the Honors Program?

You will be contacted by email. Be sure to give us the correct email address on the application as well as the correct phone number!

How do AP/IB/CLEP credits count?

AP/IB/CLEP credits count depending on your score. See the Admissions website for information and credit transfer sheets.

What scholarships are available?

Honors students are eligible for the Freeman Scholarship in the junior and senior years. Students are also eligible for up to $3,000 for their off-campus study. Students should apply for financial aid (FAFSA) online. The University of Michigan-Flint also offers numerous scholarships--the university's online financial aid application is available from December-February.

How do I choose a major?

If you do not know your major, you will be investigating different subjects while completing your general education requirements. Check the list of majors in the university catalog and cross off all those you know you will never take. Then take courses at the 100 level in a variety of subjects that could interest you. Use this method of exploration to find your major, or to choose a new major. Remember: only 40% of students remain in the major they choose as freshmen! Be open to change.

What is a double major?

This means that you fulfill all the requirements for a major in two different subjects. The advantage of a double major is that you will have a much wider window of opportunity after graduation.

Will I need to take more classes than non-Honors Students?

Usually no. All of the Honors core courses count toward general education requirements that you need to complete your degree (Humanities, Global Studies, Social Sciences, and Capstone). Consult the Honors Program requirements for your major for more information.

What are the Honors Program core courses?

There are five core courses in the Honors Program (HON 155/156, HON 251/252, and HON 498). These courses count toward the general education courses you need to complete your degree (Humanities, Global Studies, Social Sciences, and Capstone).

Do I need to take a foreign language?

Yes, all students in the Honors Program are required to complete two introductory courses and either the first course at the intermediate level or a one one-credit reading course in a foreign language. All students completing a BA degree must take a foreign language anyway, so this is not an additional requirement. For students completing a BS degree, this may be an additional requirement. However, these courses count toward your degree.

Can I place out of the foreign language requirement?

Yes, by taking a placement test (by appointment only) in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (810-762-3370). You may be able to place out of some or all of the introductory courses required. You need to place into 212 in order to place out of all requirements.

What is the Off-Campus Study?

With the help and guidance of your advisor and the Honors Director, you develop a project at another campus or another site such as a place of business in the United States or in a foreign country. You spend from 3-12 weeks studying off-campus, funded by up to $3,000 to cover expenses. You may receive credit for the off-campus study (4 credits of independent study). The off-campus study generally takes place in the summer of your junior or senior year. The off-campus study may also take the form of an internship, a study abroad program, or a conference.

What is the Honors Thesis?

The Honors Thesis is a research paper based on or linked to your off-campus study. You complete this paper under the guidance of your academic advisor in the Honors Program. This provides a wonderful opportunity to do special research in your field of study. The thesis also enhances your degree and opens opportunities for successful graduate and professional school application.