This program is designed for transfer students from other universities or colleges and for UM-Flint students who did not begin the Honors Program in their freshman year. It parallels the Junior/Senior phase of the four year program, but with some modifications.

During the Fall semester after you have been accepted into the Junior/Senior Transfer Program, you take HON 355: Great Books (5 credits), which is the gateway course to the Honors Program.  You also take 1 credit of HON 393 with the Honors Director to begin preparing for your off-campus experience.

The Junior/Senior Transfer Program is designed to promote independent study and scholarship within the student’s concentration or major area of specialization.

During the summer of your senior year, you undertake a unique off-campus study project.  This project allows you to work one-on-one with specialists in the field both at UM-Flint and off-campus.  Students have traveled throughout North America and the world for this exciting and life-changing experience.

Your curriculum is also enhanced by an Honors Thesis or special production. You work during your senior year both with the Honors Director and with a specialist in your field who guide you through this important process. This accomplishment enriches your knowledge of your major field of study and sets you apart from your peers as an excellent candidate for fellowships at graduate schools and entrance into professional schools.

A special interdisciplinary senior seminar (HON 498) is the capstone course for the Honors Program.  During the seminar, you will examine a theme or topic across the disciplines.

Students also complete two Honors elections. These are short independent study projects, taken in conjunction with non-Honors courses of your choice. These independent study projects provide a deeper understanding of course material.

Students in the Honors Program have numerous opportunities to attend and present papers at undergraduate and professional conferences. These include the Meeting of Minds, the Purdue Clement S. Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference, and the Michigan Academy.  Each year, numerous students in the Honors Program present papers at conferences, and many have their papers published in the conference proceedings.  This truly singles you out from your peers as a high-achieving student and an excellent candidate for scholarships and fellowships.

Off-Campus Adventure: Danielle Linker

"My trip to China had a big effect on my attitude and knowledge about international diversity. I can genuinely say that it opened my eyes to a new way of living. Going into this trip, I knew that things would be different, but it was a whole new experience to actually live it. I now have a great appreciation for Chinese culture. I admire their ability to hold onto their culture throughout many generations, and keep their focus on their desire for peace and harmony." ~ Danielle Linker, Business Major: Internet Marketing in China