General Requirements:

  • GPA 3.7 and above (Freshmen and Transfers)
  • ACT 27/SAT 1260 and above (Freshmen)
  • No ACT/SAT? Minimum 3.9 GPA 

If you want a program that will prepare you for advanced work in your field, this is the program for you. 

What will the Honors Program do for you?

  • Offers undergraduate research opportunities
  • Builds one on one relationships with professors in your major
  • Develops a close knit honors community
  • Provides conference and presentation experience
  • Features an off-campus study experience and a special project or Honors Thesis which set you apart from your peers and prepares you for exciting opportunities when you graduate

Integrated Curriculum with almost no add-on credits

  • In the Honors Program at UM-Flint, you complete many of your general education requirements via core courses in the Honors Program while following your regular curriculum with other students in your major
  • The seven Honors Core Courses count as credits you would need to take anyway, even if you were not in the Honors Program 

Funded Off campus Study: A Unique Experience

  • You will receive up to $3,000 funding for an off campus study experience in the summer of your junior or senior year
  • You may participate in a study abroad program, an internship, a field study, or any other special project in your major
  • You will open new worlds of experience.  Our students have traveled to Japan, Italy, Germany, Australia, China, Canada, and many other countries or have chosen to stay closer to home in Michigan or another state in the US 

Our Results: 100% Acceptance in most programs

  • Through targeted mentorship and advising, starting in your sophomore year, we set you on the path to achieve your graduate school or professional goals
  • We have 100% acceptance into graduate and professional schools, and 97% acceptance into medical school (compared to 25% nationwide)

What do I need to take as a first semester freshman?  It’s easy:

  • Register for Honors 155 (5 credits) which count as three requirements: English 111, Humanities, and Prerequisite Course (Gateway Course)  for the Honors Program
  • All of your other courses are in your regular program.

Off-Campus Adventure: Ariel Fray

"I would highly recommend any student at the university to get out and live in the world if only for a month of your life, because it will be a month you will remember for your entire lifetime. I feel so much more well-rounded and cultured and I am sure that I am a better person for having taken my off campus trip." ~ Ariel Fray, Biology Major: Study Abroad in Australia

Kathleen Robinson and children.

Off-Campus Adventure: Kathleen Robinson

"The orphans and surrounding families lived in such meager conditions. However, these conditions that we may think would be horrendous and unlivable for us did not affect the happiness or love they shared. They were so joyous and welcoming towards our group. Just experiencing the love from these children showed me the innocence of these kids and how they are just like any other kid. They had such hope and happiness for the future. It was very inspiring." ~ Kathleen Robinson, Biology Major: Healthcare Abroad in Kenya