I've been apart  of IYS for about 3 years and i can honestly say that the journey is well worth it. I've not only gained a great Mentor who is simply amazing and keeps me focused on the main goal as to why i am here, as well as  helped me  grow into a very ambitious woman. this is my last year in IYS and i am extremely grateful for the encouragements and love from my mentor as well as the awesome gifts i have won which includes a new Toshiba Laptop and a Kindle HD ;D 

Lori Johnson

My experience has been great thus far. I went to the banquet last year and that was really great. I love the fact that I was able to meet lots of people. I have a great time talking to Qiana (my mentor) as well. I enjoy her company and I hope she enjoys mine. I think this year will be a better year for me because I get to see more of whats to come.

Social work, Senior


When I first signed up for IYS honestly, every person I wanted to be my mentor was taken. I was crushed but I loved the fact that I could still be paired with someone who could help me. After a failed first attempt with a mentor I received another mentor, the great Qiana herself, and was and have been very pleased with our relationship. She broadens my horizon and pushes me, while patting me on the back toward greater things. She gives me another approach and a different side of things. She is always real, upfront, honest and a little sweet, which is just the type of person I needed to talk to. She was very flexible, willing and convenient. I’m glad that she is not only my mentor, but has become my friend. It is that way though because I opened my self-up and she received me with open arms. There are more faculty and staff on campus who will also be the same way, BUT you have to give the program a fighting chance J Yes the incentives to win the ipad, TV etc are nice, but more importantly they connect you with resources, give advice, moral support and help you. I love the IYS program and I’m sure you will too :)