Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment matter to the University of Michigan - Flint Campus.  Any actions by the University of Michigan - Flint faculty and staff that appear to put private interests above the public's interests may have serious consequences for the University (e.g. they may jeopardize public support, violate federal grant requirements, or violate state or federal laws).  To maintain a high level of public confidence in the University, we must show that we recognize and properly manage potential conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment. 

A copy of the Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment policies specifically related to the Flint Campus are listed below.  Faculty members covered under the collective bargaining agreement with the Lecturers Employment Organization (LEO) may also wish to talk with a union representative about any questions or concerns that arise related this topic.

Tutorials at the Flint Campus - Required for all Faculty and staff including non-student temporary employees. 


COI/COC Policies at the Flint Campus - Apply to all faculty and staff including non-student and student temporary employees.

Faculty COI/COC Policy - Flint Campus

Staff COI/COC Policy - Flint Campus