34th Annual Celebration of Service Awards

Each Spring, the university hosts a Celebration of Service Awards to honor faculty, staff and retirees that have made an enduring commitment of 10, 20, 30, and 40 years of service along with those who have retired.

The Celebration of Service Awards is a reception that honors those faculty and staff who have made a significant career commitment to the University of Michigan-Flint. This year we are honoring 79 faculty and staff members along with 14 retirees.  Altogether, the combined service of this year's honoree's totals more than 1,531 years of commitment to the university.

This year's celebration is being held Wednesday, May 8, 2019, from 4pm to 6pm in the North Bank Center Ballroom.

Please join us honoring the dedication and service of our friends and colleagues here at the university.

Please RSVP at the link below by April 29, 2019.




  • Lola Carter, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Receptionist
  • Laura Friesen, Library, Librarian
  • Michael Gebler, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Lecturer IV
  • Paul Gifford, Library, Senior Associate Librarian
  • Nancy Gouin, Public Health & Health Sciences, Assistant Director of Academic Programs for Medical Technology & Lecturer IV
  • Timothy Jagielo, Facilities & Operations, Electrician
  • Beverly Jones, School of Nursing, Assistant Research Scientist
  • C. Peethambaran Kartha, School of Management, David M. French Professor
  • Keith King, Geography, Planning & Environment, Laboratory/Classroom Services Supervisor
  • Jo Klingler, Public Health & Health Sciences, Business Administrator Intermediate
  • Aimi Moss, College of Arts & Sciences, Special Advisor to the Dean
  • Steven Myers, Biology, Chair and Professor
  • Rebecca Pettengill, Development, Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer Senior
  • Charles Wagonlander, Art & Art History, Lecturer IV

40 Years of Service

  • Susan DeGalan, Financial Aid, Financial Aid Administrator Intermediate
  • Marva Furman, English, Professor and Program Director

30 Years of Service

  • Constance Creech, School of Nursing, Professor and Director Academic Programs
  • Maris Gilles, School of Nursing, Undergraduate Program Manager
  • Alan Grafe, Physics, Lecturer IV
  • John Haley, Facilities & Operations, Postal Clerk III
  • Michael Kelley, Facilities & Operations, Carpenter
  • Mehrdad Simkani, Mathematics, Professor 
  • Beverley Smith, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice, Associate Professor
  • Lori Vedder, Financial Aid, Director

20 Years of Service

  • Cathy Akers-Jordan, English, Lecturer IV
  • Darryl Baird, Art & Art History, Professor
  • Theresa Blackwell, Office of Extended Learning, Instructional Learning Senior
  • Julie Broadbent, Psychology, Associate Professor
  • Melissa Brown, University Communication & Marketing, Associate Director
  • Enrico Cavallini, Music, Lecturer II
  • Amy Clolinger, Recreational Services, Business Information Manager
  • Jennifer Daraiseh, Information Technology Services, Business Process Consultant Intermediate
  • Mary Jo Finney, Education, Chair and Professor
  • JoAnn Ford, Recreational Services, Marketing Coordinator
  • Guluma Gemeda, Africana Studies, Associate Professor
  • Susan Hughes, School of Nursing, Adjunct Lecturer
  • David Hunter Jr, Department of Public Safety, Police Sergeant
  • Pamela Kalmar, Computer Science, Lecturer II
  • Christopher Pearson, College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean and Professor
  • Jerry Sanders, Biology, Associate Professor
  • Virginia Uhley, School of Nursing, Lecturer II

10 Years of Service

  • Olanrewaju Aluko, Engineering, Associate Professor
  • Maureen Anthony, School of Nursing, Lecturer II
  • Dave Arnould, Information Technology Services, Access Control & Security System Specialist
  • Aderemi Artis, Philosophy, Associate Professor
  • Shannon Ash, School of Nursing, Lecturer I and Adjunct Clinical Lecturer
  • Syagnik Banerjee, School of Management, Associate Professor
  • Laura Bender, College of Arts & Science, Administrative Assistant Intermediate
  • Jennifer Blackwood, Physical Therapy, Associate Professor
  • Joe Bohland, Admissions & Recruitment, Admissions Officer Intermediate
  • Kenneth Cabine, Biology, Lecturer II
  • Erin Cavusgil, School of Management, Professor
  • John Collins, School of Nursing, Associate Director/VBSN Project Director
  • Russell Cossaboom, Biology, Lecturer IV
  • Alcinda Cox, Department of Public Safety, Communications Officer
  • David  Crumb, Facilities & Operations, Painter
  • Michael Daniels, Information Technology Services, Project Engineer Associate
  • Thomas Fockler, Department of Public Health and Health Sciences, Lecturer II
  • Richard Freedberg, School of Nursing, Lecturer II
  • Craig Gomolka, School of Management, Business Programs Recruiter
  • Eleazar Grace, Facilities & Operations, Custodian III
  • Garry Green, Geography, Planning, & Environment, Lecturer II
  • Kelly Johnson, Information Technology Services, Applications Programmer Intermediate
  • Jenny LaChance, School of Nursing, Lecturer I
  • Vickie Larsen, English, Associate Professor
  • Kimberly Laux, College of Arts & Science, Lecturer II and Academic Advisor/Counselor Intermediate
  • Jennifer Lee, Education, Lecturer II
  • Marsha Lesley, School of Nursing, Associate Professor
  • Fatema Mamou, Department of Public Health and Health Sciences, Lecturer II
  • Stephen Mayfield, Department of Public Safety, Police Officer
  • Brian McBride, Computer Science, Lecturer IV
  • Sandra McComb, Financial Aid, Financial Aid Administrator Senior
  • Jennifer Miller, Biology, Lecturer IV
  • Timothy Moody, Facilities & Operations, Custodian III
  • Rocco Nardi, Facilities & Operations, Steamfitter/Certified Welder
  • John Pendell, English, Lecturer II
  • Ruth Person, School of Management, Professor
  • Erica Petzold, Information Technology Services, Secretary Intermediate
  • Frank Pitts, Music, Lecturer II
  • Meoachy Proby, Department of Public Safety, Police Sergeant
  • David Rosemary, Computer Science, Systems Administrator Intermediate
  • James Schirmer, English, Chair and Associate Professor
  • Bradley Smith, Facilities & Operations, Electrician
  • Lindsay Stoddard, University Communication & Marketing, Multimedia Designer
  • Gaye Stover, Department of Public Safety, Administrative Assistant Associate
  • Rie Suzuki, Department of Public Health and Health Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Anna Swartz, School of Management, Administrative Assistant Intermediate
  • Curtis Taljonick, Facilities & Operations, HVAC Repairperson II
  • Cristen Velliky, Art & Art History, Associate Professor
  • James Wade, Mathematics, Lecturer II
  • Carson Waites, Office of Extended Learning, Instructional Learning Senior
  • Christina Wixson, Physical Therapy, Program Coordinator