Faculty and Staff Benefits

Medical, Vision, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Retirement, Flexible Spending Accounts, Legal, Child & Dependent Life Insurance and Prescription Drug plans are available to eligible regular faculty and staff of the University of Michigan.  Typically, new hires have 30 days to elect these benefits with a retroactive date to their hire date.  Entry into these plans after 30 days from hire is limited to qualifying IRS events or eligible changes in faculty/staff member's jobs.

Providers for Faculty and Staff Benefits - This link (Click here) provides the listing of phone numbers, websites and addresses for the vendors of our faculty and staff benefits.

The University of Michigan is committed to providing high-quality, market-competitive and affordable benefit programs. Two committees have been formed to review options for continued commitment to this mission.  Click here for more information.

Tuition Benefits for Staff Members -  Tuition support is available for staff members at the UM-Flint Campus.  Please Click here to review the support available for staff members attending classes at UM-Flint or attending classes outside of the UM-Flint Campus.  Deadlines for submission apply.

Dependent Tuition Scholarship Program - This program allows qualified dependents, including children and spouses/OQAs, of UM-Flint regular Faculty and Staff members the potential for a scholarship towards the cost of UM-Flint tuition.  It also allows for tuition support for qualified dependent children of those Faculty and Staff members working on other University of Michigan campuses including Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Michigan Medicine who are attending UM-Flint. This plan has strict qualifications and deadlines for application submission.

Guidelines for Dependent Tuition Scholarship Program

Dependent Tuition Application

Dependent Tuition Scholarship FAQ's


M Card Discounts

Businesses and organizations offer discounts when you show your Mcard at the time of payment or at time of offer.  These discount offers are subject to change without notice!  If you have questions, contact the business or organization for more information.  Click HERE to visit the M Card Discount website.

Additional Resources

Michigan Education Savings Program - Click here to learn how you can save for your children's education through the Michigan Education Savings Program with TIAA-CREF.

MIChild- MIChild is a health insurance program.  It is for uninsured children of Michigan's working families.  Click here  to learn to read about the eligibility for this program.

Social Security On-line - Online information regarding social security benefits is available at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ .

Employee Sick Time Plan

Employee Sick Time Plan - The University of Michigan - Flint campus offers Work~Connections as our integrated disability services program. Work Connections is part of the University of Michigan providing faculty and staff "one-stop" access to University services that continue through recovery and safe return to work.

Work Connections works closely with the Office of Human Resources & Affirmative Action - Flint to assure the proper recording of sick time absences due to non-work related injuries or illnesses. Illness/injuries which require faculty or staff to be absent to work for more than 10 consecutive work days or for chronic illnesses, must have proper documentation for appropriate sick pay to be received.

For work related injuries, it is important that U of M - Flint faculty and staff contact our Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 762-3335 for emergency situations or Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at 766-6763 for non-emergency work related injuries. It is important that employees contact EHS with a work related injury. Not doing so may delay proper payment, loss in workers compensation or the employee may be financially responsible for the work related injury. An attachment to the EHS and DPS websites are below:

Department of Public Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

Work/Life Balance Resources

The University of Michigan-Flint Work/Life Resources provide faculty and staff with an environment supportive of, and sensitive to, the healthy integration of work life and personal life. By advocating for enlightened, family-responsive policies and practices, the Work/Life Balance contributes to the recruitment and retention of the best faculty and staff members.

We understand that you can contribute your best efforts to the University when you are able to address the goals and obligations of your personal life; and when you can balance your family's care with the other facets of your life. Our programs and services are designed to help you reach this balance.  

Additional resources can be found by clicking HERE.