The contract with The University of Michigan-Flint and Interfolio was finalized on October 31, 2018.  Shortly thereafter, a Core Working Group was created to work directly with Interfolio on implementation with an initial meeting held on November 26, 2018.  The Working Group, with Interfolio’s assistance, implemented the Review, Promotion and Tenure (or RPT) module for tenure and clinical track promotion cases. The Review Promotion and Tenure tool went live in April 2019.  The Faculty Search tool for faculty job postings was implemented and went live on August 1, 2019.

Message from Interim Provost Alcock

The goal of the Interfolio modules is to help streamline and strengthen processes regarding promotion cases and faculty searches.  Please note:  P&T policies across the campus and the University are not changing due to this product implementation.  Interfolio is simply a tool designed to assist with the workflow process with the intent to make things easier and more efficient for faculty and administration alike.  Appropriate confidentiality assurances are built in, in a manner consistent with current policies.  Access to P&T materials would be limited to the appropriate review committees, and deans as already defined by the various schools and colleagues at UM-Flint. (Please see the complete communication from Interim Provost Alcock in the link below.)


Using the new Interfolio P&T module will:           

  • allow faculty to connect information in their Interfolio review case with their personal Interfolio Dossier for continuity throughout their career;
  • allow consistency and transparency of process across the institution;
  • allow versatility in delivery and potentially to allow the campus to expand the use of Interfolio to annual reviews, pre-tenure reviews, LEO Annual Reports, and LEO Interim and Major Review cases;


Fact Sheet - Faculty Search

Fact Sheet - Review, Promotion & Tenure 

What is Interfolio Dossier

Interfolio Product Help Link

Interfolio Information about User Roles: Candidate, Committee Member and Committee Manager 

Interfolio Blog (Updates and Resources)


Training sessions were held on campus for the RPT module in the Fall 2019 term.  Please see the links to each of the six training sessions that were recorded for reference.  Please use any of the links provided to assist with the review of the Dossier and the training on RPT cases. (Including the Candidate, Committee Member and Committee Manager experiences).

Training Material

UM-Flint RPT Committee Member Manager Training PowerPoint PDF

Recorded Training Sessions

Interfolio: Session 1 - 9/20/2019 AM Session - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Interfolio: Session 2 - 9/20/2019 PM Session - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Interfolio: Session 3 - 9/27/2019 - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Interfolio: Session 4 - 10/18/2019 - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Interfolio: Session 5 - 11/8/2019 - AM Session - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Interfolio: Session 6 - 11/8/2019 - PM Session - Review, Promotion and Tenure Training

Technical Support

Scholar Services
Call: 1-877-997-8807


Since the Go live of the RPT module, the Schools and Colleges have added the LEO Major Review, Interim Review and Continuing Review process and they are in the process of implementing Tenure Track Annual Reviews and LEO Annual Reports into Interfolio