Name Tag Request Form

For Current Employees or Sponsored Student Organizations Only

Name Tags and UM-Flint

  • Name tags are worn by employees of the university to enhance the level of communication between our faculty/staff and the campus community.
  • Replacement policy - Faculty/staff who lose their tags will be asked to pay for their replacement ($8.62), unless the department is paying for a replacement.
  • Magnet or clip/pin - Security issues and concerns about damage to clothing has been addressed by providing a choice in tag style. Wearers have the option of a magnet or clip/pin to secure the name tag. (Note: Do not leave magnetic-backed name tags near your computer, data storage device or other sensitive electronics.
  • For departments that are ordering 5 or more name tags at one time, please contact HR at
  • For sponsored student organizations, please provide a short code.

Replacement tags, other than for official change of job title, require payment of $8.62 at the Cashier's Office, 261 Pavilion, prior to processing. Please bring the receipt to Human Resources at 213 UPAV and we can process your request. For departments replacing nametags, please provide a short code.

Enter the following fields exactly as you want it to appear on your name tag.

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