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Hiring Students and Non-Student Temporaries

It is the intent of the University of Michigan-Flint to provide each student with the fullest and richest educational experience possible. Frequently, that experience may include an employment opportunity in conjunction with the university's work-study program or through direct temporary employment by an institutional unit. Many of these employment opportunities provide the student with valuable work experience and financial assistance while helping the institutional units meet their operational needs. At the same time, working an excessive number of hours on a regular basis may have a detrimental effect on the student's academic achievement. Supervisors must keep in mind that the best interest of the student is the top priority in these employment arrangements and should exercise their judgment accordingly.

SPG 201.24 - Employment of Students

SPG 201.57 - Employment of Non-Student Temps

How do I make changes to my active temporary and/or non-student temporary appointment?

The Appointment Change form is used to process changes to an active appointment for Student or Non-Student temporary employees. When using this form, list the data as it should appear after the change, NOT as it exists today. Be sure to include in the 'remarks' section of Appointment Change Form which changes you are requesting and why. For terminations, all fields in the Termination Informatin section are required. List the appropriate EmplRcd# and the first day not worked. One reason and one rehire recommendation should be chosen.

Student and Non-Student Temporary Appointment Change Form

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