The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program is now serving the university community with a new name - the Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office. The new name raises the visibility of "counseling," which is the service most requested by faculty and staff. 

The Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office (FASCCO) provides support and assistance to University staff and faculty in resolving personal or work related concerns. Through a range of sensitive and innovative services, FASCCO seeks to enhance the emotional health, well-being and job performance of members of the university community. By providing confidential and professional counseling, coaching, training and consultation services to staff, faculty, retirees, benefit-eligible adult dependents and departments, FASCCO helps individuals develop and foster strengths and resiliency to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Resources can be found by clicking HERE.

Lactation Stations are located at 216 UCEN (separate room in restroom) and 4211 WSW

Child Care Database

The Early Childhood Development Center is a ‘living laboratory’ where adults as well as children come to learn. We believe that we learn from the children just as much as they are learning from us. The program is designed to promote the development of the total individual by enhancing children's skills through play.

Click here (ECDC) to reach our Child Development Center.

There many additional resources for child care resources found by clicking here.

Elder Care

Elder Care responsibilities often come up unexpectedly and can lead to complications with work and family. The Work-Life Resource Center can suggest community resources to help you care for your aging relative, identify counseling services and support groups for caregivers, and guide you to finding housing options for seniors. Resources are also available nationwide to assist those who are long-distance caregivers.

The following information can help you get started with tools for collecting critical information.


Genesse County Links

Genesse County Commission on Aging Resource Guide

Michigan and National Aging Resources


Flexible Work Hours: FAQ's

The way that people work is evolving. At U-M many units have a variety of work schedules and locations to match the needs of both employees and employer. There are many documented benefits for all parties in using a range of workflex to achieve high productivity, enhance creativity and innovation, enhance health and wellbeing, and create dynamic working conditions that contribute to the University’s mission of excellence in teaching, research and service.

This information is designed to acquaint users with new ways of working and to assist both employees and managers with the decisions needed to implement flexibility that is mutually beneficial.  The Human Resource Team will assist you with that process, just as you strive to meet the goals of your work place and the needs and desires in your life outside work.

The University of Michigan-Flint

Office Hours

At UM-Flint, it is important that all units and departments provide conscious and intentional customer service. Excellence in service and operations supports the university's mission and goals, as well as enhances the experience of students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. To that end, the following guidelines attempt to bring consistency in interpretation of that support. Please note the guidelines below must be used in conjunction with Standard Practice Guides.

Office Hours:  Offices are expected to be open for services at least from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday throughout the year.  Office hours should be posted and every attempt should be made to maintain the posted hours.  Collaboration of coverage between offices is strongly encouraged to minimize service inconveniences.  Notices of changes in services hours should be communicated no later than 2 weeks before the change occurs.  It is expected that phones should be forwarded to an office which will be able to provide an immediate response, including emergency needs.