Faculty, Staff & Advisors

These sections below are designed to assist you by providing information on how to develop and promote education abroad opportunities.


Professional Development Opportunities in Education Abroad

There are a variety of professional development opportunities for faculty members and professionals to internationalize teaching and research, and to explore global issues. 

Faculty-Led Program Development

The University of Michigan-Flint strongly encourages its faculty and staff to consider developing and leading programs abroad. UM-Flint faculty/staff-led education abroad programs provide excellent opportunities for both faculty and students to develop intercultural skills that contribute to the internationalization of the campus. A faculty/staff-led program is a type of education abroad experience that consists of one or more credit-bearing, study/travel courses along with a sequence of group activities, organized excursions, and cultural encounters. Faculty and staff have also provided non-credit bearing excursions overseas. 

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International Partnerships & Exchange Agreements

The University of Michigan-Flint encourages academic departments to explore opportunities for UM-Flint students to participate in education abroad experiences by establishing partnerships with institutions around the world. Exchange programs allow current undergraduate and graduate students to study in a foreign country for a certain period of time while receiving credits toward their UM-Flint degree. In return, UM-Flint accepts an equal number of students from these partner schools. Students pay tuition at their home universities and are required to pay for housing, health insurance, meals, books, etc. at the host country. Exchange programs are ideal for students and academic departments because they allow students to study at foreign institutions while paying tuition at their home universities. 

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Information for Advisors

Advisors play a major role in helping students achieve success on their education abroad program and integrate the work completed abroad into their UM-Flint degree program. Students may be required to meet with you as part of the application process to talk about what classes they can or cannot take abroad and what requirements they need to fulfill. You may be asked to sign forms in order for them to be accepted to their program.

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