Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint!

UM-Flint welcomes a thriving international community of learners and educators. Students come from around the world for rigorous academic programs, small campus, excellent student-faculty ratio, and highly respected University of Michigan degree. We look forward to welcoming you to our global campus community.

Scholarships Available!

How to Apply

View the application checklist to learn what steps you need to take to apply as an international student.

Admission Requirements

Learn about admission requirements for international applicants, including Immigration Documentation and English language requirements.

Immigration Documentation

Find out what types of documentation you and your family members will need to enter the United States, attend UM-Flint, and maintain your status as an international student or visitor.


Academic Programs

Students come from around the world for UM-Flint’s widely respected academic programs and a recognized University of Michigan degree. Learn more about the 100 programs of study offered at UM-Flint.

Student Resources

As an international student at UM-Flint, you’ll have access to a wide range of support services and resources, including the dedicated International Center here to help you transition to university life in the United States.

Why UM-Flint?

UM-Flint supports a thriving community of international students, engaged in their university experience. Learn why more students from across the globe are choosing to pursue their academic goals on our campus. 

Next Steps

See the steps you’ll need to take once you’ve been admitted to UM-Flint, before and after your arrival on campus.