Steps for registration:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click Login
    1. (If you have already created a LAN password, skip to step 7)
  3. Click New Student and enter your Uniqname 
  4. Answer the prompted questions
  5. Click Submit
  6. Create your LAN Password
  7. On
    1. Click Student Information System (SIS)
    2. enter your Uniqname and LAN Password
  8. Click New Students tab
  9. Click Register or Reschedule for Orientation 

All international students are required to attend International Student Orientation. At orientation you will learn about all aspects of being an international students in the U.S. and more specifically on the UM-Flint campus in Flint, Michigan. 

Presentations on how to open a bank account, campus tutoring, writing center, classroom culture, cultural adjustment as well as information on maintaining legal immigration status and other important resources while attending UM-Flint will be covered at orientation.

If you have any questions about the International Student Orientation Schedule, please contact

Code of Student Conduct and Responsibilities

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