Applying to UM-Flint as an Undergraduate

UM-Flint is ready to guide you through the international application process. Start by reviewing the steps listed below.  For admission requirements, click here.

Application Checklist:

Choose the academic program you’re interested in studying. 


Apply online using SIS (Student Information System). Since UM-Flint has rolling admission, we encourage you to apply at least six months prior to the start of the term you plan to attend.

DACA Students
Applicants who are currently in the DACA Status (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) will need to apply using the International (Non-U.S. Citizen) Freshman or Transfer application. Select "Non Citizen – Other or No Visa" for your citizenship status. List your citizenship and specify "Other Visa Type" for questions relating to visa status. Since deferred action does not provide an individual with lawful status please complete the rest of the fields.


Log in to your iService account to upload your admission documents. Your login information and instructions are emailed to you within 48 business hours of processing your application. Required documents include:

Official Transcripts
An official transcript, exam result or degree certificate is a verification of your academic record issued in the original language from the original issuing source (i.e. college, university, examining board or secondary school) is required for undergraduate admission. Official documents must arrive to University of Michigan-Flint in the original unopened envelope as issued by the originating institution, with an institutional stamp or signature on the closed envelope flap.

Attested Documents
We understand that many countries issue only one original transcript, exam result or degree certificate. Please do not submit your original copy to University of Michigan-Flint. Instead, request that the issuing institution attest a copy of the document. To request an attested document, send a photocopy (never the original) of the document to the institution that originally issued it. They will verify the photocopy against their records, place the institutional stamp or seal on the photocopy (thereby attesting to its accuracy), put the attested copy into an institutional envelope, and affix their stamp or seal over the envelope closure. The issuing institution can mail the attested copy directly to the International Center or you may deliver the unopened envelope to the office in person.

All documents submitted to University of Michigan-Flint become the property of University of Michigan-Flint and cannot be photocopied or returned.

I-20 Deadlines

I-20s will not be mailed out after the following dates:

  • Fall term:        August 1  
  • Winter term:  December 1
  • Spring term:   April 1
  • Summer term: June 1

Learn about documentation required to enter the United States.

Semester Start Dates
  • Fall 2018:          September 3
  • Winter 2019:     January 7
  • Spring 2019:     May 1
  • Summer 2019:  June 26

You can also print out all the academic calendars here.

UM-Flint English Language Program

Undergraduate freshman and transfer students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement may be admitted to the UM-Flint English Language Pathway Program for Conditionally Admitted Undergraduate Students on a conditional basis.

  • Students admitted to the English Language Program with a 5.0 overall IELTS score (or the equivalent) as confirmed by the English Placement Test (EPT), may be placed in Level Six full-time.
  • Students in Level Six may also have the option of concurrently taking up to 4 credit hours of select academic courses.  
  • Enrolled students will matriculate as a UM-Flint degree-seeking student upon successful completion of ELP full-time (Level Six) with a grade 'B' or better.
  • Students in the English Language Pathway Program are required to enroll in LIN104 during their first year of academic studies after successful completion of the ELP.