You are Welcome Here

The UM-Flint campus is a global community that welcomes students, staff, and faculty from more than 40 countries. With over 300 international students currently studying at UM-Flint, we remain committed to providing an inclusive, diverse, and safe environment where all students from any country have the opportunity to thrive. We look forward to welcoming you to UM-Flint!


Welcoming Community

UM-Flint is located in the heart of downtown Flint, a diverse and vibrant community. International students enjoy Flint's cafés, restaurants, art galleries, music venues, museums, farmer’s market, and shops.

International Center

The International Center (IC) is here to support you before, during, and after your experience on campus. We answer questions, create opportunities to meet new students, and connect you resources. Call us at +1 (810) 762-0867 or email

Cultural Events and Activities

At UM_Flint, we celebrate our global community as a strength, and use our diversity as an opportunity to learn from one another. Our campus hosts year-round cultural events and activities that bring together our campus community to share experiences, traditions, perspectives, and world-views while making friends and memories.

International Student Ambassadors

Meet our International Student Ambassadors! They work in the IC and as student leaders provide guidance and mentorship on campus. They offer peer to peer support, help you feel at ease about coming to the United States, adjust to life at UM-Flint, make friends, get involved on campus, and answer questions. 

Campus Safety

The UM-Flint campus is one of the safest in the state of Michigan. We have a very visible, active, and friendly professional law enforcement department just for our campus, and they do an incredible job keeping our campus and students safe. The university also operates a shuttle bus just for students for safe transportation to and from campus and popular student destinations nearby.