Access Request Forms for Systems at UM-Flint

As an employee, you may be required to access multiple systems for your job.  Below is a brief description of university systems. If you require access, please use the link(s) below to submit your request (a separate request must be submitted for each system). 


Banner is a comprehensive database used to track demographics, academic, and financial information regarding former, current and prospective students. 

To request an Banner ID, go to 

For more help or details on Banner, see 

Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is the web-based self-service side of Banner that is used by students, faculty, and academic advisors to access data in the system.  

  • Students can access personal information, financial aid information, register for orientation, apply for housing, register for classes, and view their grades and transcripts.
  • Faculty can view their class schedule, class lists and waitlist, email the class, view student contact information, issue overrides, and submit grades.
  • Academic Advisors can use Advisor Notes, run transcript analyses, and apply/release advising holds.
  • All users can run a Degree Audit using My Degree Plan, which is accessible through SIS.

To request an SIS ID, go to

For more help or details on SIS, see 


Webfocus is one of the university’s reporting tools which is used to create/run reports such as class rosters, waitlists, course enrollments and student lists.

To request a Webfocus ID, go to

For more help or details on Webfocus, visit

NOTE: Most Banner Reporting is done in Webfocus.


Tableau is one of the university's reporting tools which uses interactive dashboards to display data graphically.  

To request Tableau access, go to

For more information on Tableau, go to


This is the document imaging system used by several offices across campus. ImageNow access provides the ability to view admission applications and prior college transcripts, advising and registration documents. ImageNow is the client version and WebNow is the web-based version of the document management system.

To request an ImageNow/WebNow ID, go to

For more help or details on ImageNow/WebNow, visit

Key/M-Card Request  

UM-Flint DPS Security Technology Services provides University keys and/or M-Card access. 

To request door access, go to Key/M-Card Request Access Form 

For more information, go to  

Drupal Website   

Drupal is the content management system for UM-Flint websites.

To request access to edit a website, go to


UM-Flint’s Office of Research provides Qualtrics, a very powerful tool used for creating and distribution online surveys, data storage, and analysis. 

To create a Qualtrics account, visit:

For additional access to analyze and interpret data, you must request access to Stats iQ, since this functionality is not enabled for U-M Qualtrics users by default. 

To request Stats iQ access, go to Stats iQ Request Form.

For more information, go to


This form is for employees to request access to the Graduate Programs EMAS system. Training is mandatory for users who are new to the EMAS system.

To request access please visit the EMAS Access Request Form.