Apple Computer Sales

At our online store, you’ll find significant discounts on the tools you need to excel in your major. We recommend an Apple computer and a selection of software, peripherals, and service and support. 

Check out the special offers available only at the UM-Flint Apple Store!


When purchasing products through this program, please note that the following conditions exist:

  1. Computers and accessories purchased through this program must use the support options offered by Apple. We suggest that you buy Apple's extended warranty. Please do not call the University of Michigan-Flint ITS Helpdesk or bring the computers to ITS for support or service. Only equipment with an UM-Flint asset tag that is purchased through approved procurement channels is supported by ITS.
  2. There is no option to have the University image installed on your personal purchase. Please visit UM-Flint Software Sales for more information.
  3. This site is for personal purchases only. The purchasing of institution equipment with University funds from this site is prohibited. Only equipment with a UM-Flint asset tag that is purchased through approved procurement channels is supported by ITS. Please consult the Departmental Purchases section below for more information about purchasing equipment with University funds.
  4. The University does not guarantee that the price you are quoted is necessarily the lowest possible price.
  5. The University does not in any way make any representations, as to quality or otherwise, about Apple computers. This information is being provided as a convenience to the campus community.
  6. Please note that any purchase is strictly a private transaction between you and Apple. Any issues relating to the purchase must be discussed directly with Apple.

Departmental hardware purchases must be made through M-Marketsite, located in Wolverine Access under "University Business". In any case, you may contact the ITS HelpDesk at (810) 762-3123 for consultation on which products best suit your needs.