Banner Committees


Committee Members

Scott Arnst, Chair - Information Technology Services
Karen Arnould - Registrar
Corey Cunningham - Financial Services & Budget
Jennifer Daraiseh - Information Technology Services
Jayshri Gandhi - Administrative Information Management Services
Nicholas Gaspar - Extended Learning
Dee Dee Hurley - Human Resources
Cameron McLeman - Faculty Representative
Brent Nickola - Alumni Relations
Harvey Sherman - Information Technology Services
Fawn Skarsten - Institutional Analysis
Matt Wolverton - Library


The Information Systems Steering Committee is charged by the Provost to focus on campus-wide administrative information systems that impact the entire campus and involve other units as well as ITS.

  • Review and recommend the campus administrative information technology outlook, capabilities, and strategic objectives, including prioritization of campus-wide administrative information systems projects
  • Advise the Executive Officers regarding development and implementation of policies/procedures pertaining to campus-wide administrative information systems as appropriate
  • Review requests for major enhancements to current campus-wide administrative information systems, endorsing if feasible and if deemed necessary
  • Oversee the Banner Implementation Committee and address Banner as well as other campus-wide information systems related issues that affect university policy
  • Prepare regular progress reports and update the Executive Officers and the Campus Community of major projects and policy/procedure changes in administrative information systems

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 Committee Members

 Jennifer Daraiseh, Chair - Information Technology Services
 Laura Aghababian - Cashiers
 Becky Armour - Student Success Center
 Scott Arnst - Information Technology Services
 Kim Butka - International Center
 Garry Cardillo - Admissions and Recruitment
 Stephen Dunfee - Financial Aid 
 Jay Gandhi - Administrative Information Management Services
 Celia Gatica - Registrar's Office
 Dan Getty - Institutional Analysis
 Scott Hoover - Information Technology Services
 Kelli Hoppe - Financial Aid
 Stacy Lee - Registrar's Office
 Steve Nofs - Information Technology Services
 Debbie Samida - Graduate Programs
 Fawn Skarsten - Institutional Analysis
 Jeff Smeenge - Extended Learning
 Noor Zaghmout - Student Success Center
  (Plus additional ITS staff) 


The Implementation Committee is charged by the Provost to facilitate implementation efforts of the BANNER administrative data software and its interfaces in a manner that supports approved campus policies and procedures. In doing so, the committee will act as a liaison between the technicians, policy makers and end-users of the campus community.

The Implementation Committee shall report to the Steering Committee.

The Implementation Committee shall direct proceedings of Work Groups.

  • Maintain documentation of all implementation activities
  • Work with end-users to conduct analysis and documentation of University operations, determine unmet needs and map practices to  BANNER software
  • Attend end-user training
  • Appoint Work Groups as needed, providing direction for assigned task(s) and overseeing progress
  • Work with ITS technical staff to ensure technological feasibility of decisions, compliance with system requirements and maintenance of system/data security
  • Facilitate selection and/or development of 3rd party software and  interfaces to BANNER to ensure compatibility of systems and efficiency of data transfer
  • Identify conflicts between BANNER software and 3rd party applications or University policies/procedures, researching possible solutions and their consequences and preparing documentation for review by Steering Committee
  • Assist ITS staff in maintaining positive atmosphere in campus community throughout implementation process

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Technology Committee


The Technology Committee shall consist of five faculty members, including one from each instructional unit, and two student members. The Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) shall be a member, ex officio.

The committee shall advise the Director of ITS on the issues and needs of instructional technology and budgetary priorities within ITS. The committee shall make recommendations for the allocation of technology grant funds.

Each year at the end of the Fall semester, if funding is available, the Technology Committee solicits proposals from faculty for software purchases.

There is also an Instructional Technology Fee Committee, which solicits proposals from faculty and staff for hardware purchases if funding is available at the end of the Winter semester.


Scott Arnst, ex officio - Information Technology Services
Lyn Behnke - Nursing
Daniel Coffield - Computer Science Engineering Science & Physics
Logan Jorrey - Student Representative
Woojong Kim - Social Work
Keith Moreland - School of Management
Harvey Sherman - Information Technology Services
Leslie Smith - Physical Therapy
Charlotte Tang -  Computer Science Engineering Science & Physics

NOTE: The Technology Committee was formerly known as the Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC).

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Technology Fee Committee


Although the student-generated Technology Fee has had a tremendous impact on providing a permanent funding source needed to implement the UM-Flint Technology Plan, acquiring base funding for full implementation of the UM-Flint Technology Plan remains a significant challenge.

The current Technology Fee is $96.00 for full-time students and $48.00 for part-time students.

In 2008-2009, ITS utilized the funding by offering $15,000 for faculty software requests, contributing to the campus computer lab maintenance costs, purchasing a new storage area network and several new servers, implementing a secondary internet conection, paying the annual maintenance costs for current equipment and systems, upgrading computers across campus, and providing a portion of the support for MCS.

There are many Technology Plan items still awaiting base funding including faculty/staff office equipment, infrastructure, mediated classroom services, maintenance contracts, and other supported software.


Scott Arnst – ITS
Mary Deibis - Graduate Programs (administrative support)
Tyler Elton - Student
Jay Gandhi - AIMS
Gerald Glasco – Business & Finance
Mike Hague – Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
Min Hui Huang – Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Kui-Bin Im – Library
Cameron McLeman – Associate Professor of Mathematics
Harvey Sherman - ITS
Stephen Turner – Co-Chair, Interim Associate Provost & Dean of Graduate Programs

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User Advocate Committee


The UM-Flint User Advocate Committee is an ad-hoc committee charged with reviewing alleged violations of University policies concerning information technology and determining appropriate penalties. Committee membership includes students, faculty, and staff members (including one staff member from the Department of Public Safety) from UM-Flint.

The User Advocate Committee utilizes various online resources when reviewing alleged violations of University policies.


To report a suspected copyright violation, please consult information from the UM-Ann Arbor Information Technology (IT) User Advocate site located at
To report any other suspected violation of information technology for UM-Flint faculty, staff, and students, please use the online User Advocate form located at

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