Users of UM computing resources are subject to a number of policies and guidelines. A complete listing and full text of UM policies on information technology is available online at In addition to these general UM policies, UM-Flint users are subject to the policies and guidelines established by the Flint campus (see here).

Classroom Policies and Procedures

Please follow these policies to help protect classroom equipment and save on energy costs:

  • Do not move, rearrange, or disconnect the Mediated Equipment. These podiums (Crestron MediaManager systems) have electronic components that may be damaged if unauthorized individuals attempt to move them. For assistance with the Mediated Equipment, please contact ITS-CS Staff at 810-762-3123 Option 2.
  • To prevent wear on equipment such as projector bulbs*, turn the power off on all components of Mediated Classroom equipment (such as the projector, computer, document camera, VCR/DVD combo), as well as turning off the lights when leaving the classroom.
  • *NOTE: Please DO NOT close the door of the projector area when the projector is still turned on. This can cause the bulb to overheat and burn out.
  • After turning off the projector on the Smart Cart, do not unplug the power cord. The Smart Cart should be left plugged in to allow the cooling fan to run for approximately 90 seconds after the projector is turned off. If the cooling fan doesn't run, there can be significant damage to the projector and bulb (expensive replacement costs).
  • Do not touch or try to clean the Smart Cart projector mirror, as it is easily damaged. If the mirror needs cleaning, please contact ITS-CS. After turning off the projector, protect the mirror by shutting the black door on top of the Smart Cart.
  • Do not set any food or liquid beverage on or near any mediated equipment. Spills can damage the equipment. Contact ITS-CS immediately if a spill occurs.
  • Replacement batteries for the projector remote control will be delivered to the classroom by ITS-CS upon request.

Equipment Scheduling and Delivery Policies

Many classrooms are already equipped with a Crestron MediaManager, Smart Cart, an AV Cart, or a TV with a DVD/VCR combo. Please consult the classroom listing to see if the classroom has the desired features before placing an equipment order. NOTE: If requesting equipment in any of the EBS Rental Facility, please contact EBS directly for your AV equipment needs.  Classroom and Departmental equipment orders may be placed by completing the ITS-CS Equipment Order Form.

Please follow these equipment reservation polices.

  • Faculty, permanent staff, and departmental secretaries may place orders. Students MAY NOT place equipment orders.

    • If students need equipment for a class assignment, they must go through their instructors for order placement.
    • If as a student, you require equipment for a work task, you must go through your departmental supervisor or secretary as the department will take responsibility for the equipment's use.
  • By requesting equipment, the individual assumes responsibility to provide reasonable care and security until the return of the equipment.
  • Please remember that equipment is a limited resource for the entire campus. We will honor classroom orders first and foremost.
  • ITS-CS requests that all equipment orders are placed at least two (2) full working days in advance. Every effort will be made to fulfill orders placed shortly before the equipment is needed, however, no guarantees are possible regarding the availability of equipment.
  • Off-Campus Orders - A completed and properly signed Equipment Checkout and Responsibility Agreement  (off-campus equipment) form (PDF format) will be required to checkout any equipment.
    • When reserving equipment for off-campus use, please enter your office address as the delivery address so that the equipment can be delivered correctly.
    • Equipment available for off-campus orders.
      • Digital Camera
      • Digital Camcorder (mini DV format)
      • Laptop
      • Data Projector
  • NOTE: There is a very limited supply of projectors and laptops available for both on-campus and off-campus use.  Laptop and projector equipment is available for short-term checkout only and should be dedicated to University presentation needs (for example, presenting a PowerPoint slideshow at a meeting or conference).
  • Please do not move equipment between classrooms. Courtesy and collegiality are essential to ensure that your colleague's class is not deprived of equipment.

If there are any concerns that we haven't covered in the ITS-CS Policies and Procedures, please let us know.

Software Installation on Instructional Computers

Please complete the Software Installation Request form available online.  Upon submission of the form, all requestors must be prepared to provide media, proof of ownership, and license to an ITS representative. 

Installing and testing new software, whether on the University network or other computer assets - including computers in our Public Labs - is a time-consuming and often complex task. If you need software installed before the start of a specific semester, please adhere to these deadlines for requesting your software installation:

  • Fall Semester - Request must be made by the second week in August
  • Winter Semester – Request must be made by the first week in December
  • Spring Semester – Request must be made by the last week in March
  • Summer Semester – Request must be made by the first week in June

If you are requesting that software be installed any other time, please submit your request at least three weeks in advance.  Please understand that ITS will contact the requestor at least one week prior to the implementation date for testing purposes. It is imperative that testing is conducted to allow the ITS staff the time to resolve any issues prior to installation.  Please see ITS Policy page for more infromation about Software Installation.

Duplication Policies


ITS provides the CD and DVD duplication service with the intent of helping the campus staff produce copies of their original projects quickly and easily. Duplication services will not be performed on a walk-in basis or for outside organizations.


Duplication of CD and DVD is restricted to protect both fair access and copyrighted material. No commercially copyrighted discs may be duplicated. ITS will not be able to duplicate copyrighted materials without proper permission from the rightful owner(s) of the copyright. For more information, please consult


If blank media fails during the duplication process, and ITS has supplied the media, ITS will replace the damaged media, if brought to our attention within thirty (30) days of service.


Customer design label (graphics or text) can be printed on CDs and DVDs for an additional fee. The additional fee will be based on the complexity of the graphic you wish to print and whether it needs to be printed in color. This additional fee will be quoted by ITS when presented with the desired graphic/text.


  • Small Orders
    ITS will not duplicate less than ten (10) copies of a single CD or DVD disk. ITS will not perform 1-to-1 disk copy services. Small duplication requests must be made at least 2 full business days in advance of the desired completion date.
  • Large Orders
    CD and DVD blank media are stocked by ITS in anticipation of casual demand by UM-Flint faculty, staff, and student organizations. Requests for excessive numbers of media by any group or individual may be denied if satisfying that request will deplete our stock and thereby render us unable to satisfy the requests of others.
    Any order exceeding 100 CDs or DVDs will require committee approval and must be made at least 7 full business days in advance. ITS reserves the right to decline any order larger than 1,000 CDs or DVDs. ITS suggests using a professional duplication service such as DiscMakers.
    ITS adds a duplication session surcharge to cover the cost of labor and wear on the equipment. A session surcharge is charged per each batch of 50 disks that are duplicated and is applicable even if the order is for less than 50 copies.


ITS will accept checks and credit card payments. Charge back to departments is also available through departmental chart fields.


The ITS Video Production Center has equipment that you can use to make a single copy of a VHS tape and also a VHS/DVD Recorder to duplicate VHS to DVD; please consult the services page to view more about the ITS Technology Center for more information.

ITS will not mass-duplicate VHS tapes. If you need mass duplication of a VHS tape you must find an outside company that provides VHS duplication services.