Alumni Accounts

Alumni will only need to purchase the alumni account for Computer Lab usage and the campus Wireless Network.  The Email accounts are now being offered with no fee.  To purchase an alumni account please visit  Alumni accounts can only be purchased by degree-holding alumni.*  Students that leave the university without obtaining a degree will not be eligible to purchase an alumni account.**

  • A university alumni account will cost $5 per year.
  • A total of 2GB of storage space on student mail and space on the data server (H Drives) used to store personal files.
  • LAN ID and password to access applications in all ITS open computer labs
  • Basic troubleshooting assistance from ITS Helpdesk

* Effective January 1st, 2017, inactive students without degrees that have already purchased an alumni account will not lose their current access, but will no longer be able to renew their access.

** Students that leave the university without a degree will maintain access to their account for 1 year after the last day of classes.

Graduated Student Account Policy

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Blackboard is an online system that allows communication and information to be passed between students and teachers. Blackboard is managed and supported by the Office of Extended Learning. 

Office of Extended Learning


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ITS supports university email through Gmail. You can access email at Email addresses take the form




  • LAN Passwords are used in conjunction with your uniqname to grant access to computing services on campus. If you need assistance resetting the LAN password, bring picture identification to the Helpdesk in 206 MSB, or 3174 WSW
  • Ann Arbor Passwords (also known as Kerberos passwords) are used to gain access to Library resources, and UM Online Directory entries. 

In Fall 2017 ITS began the process of syncing Ann Arbor passwords with UM-Flint Lan passwords.  This will allow users to access both Ann Arbor and Flint resources with the same password.  

To change your password please login to SIS, click Personal Information, then click My Campus Computer Account. If you need assistance resetting your Ann Arbor password, bring picture identification to any ITS HelpDesk location.  ITS Helpdesk hours and locations can be found at HERE.

LAN Password And How To Change It 


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Personal and Department Drives

Personal drives, known as H: Drives, are used for saving data on the servers. Each UM-Flint employee is allotted 10 GB of space (view Server Policy for more information). Personal directories can be accessed by you when you are logged in to a computer on campus or through the VPN. You can identify your H: Drive in the list of directories on the computer, because it begins with your uniqname.

Within the Home drive directory, faculty and staff will now find a folder called "homepage" which can be used to house personal web pages. There is an online gallery to showcase these web sites. Please visit the Homepage Gallery for more information. You may also choose to create a blog at, which can also be listed in the gallery.

Departmental directories (also known as I: Drives) work in much the same way. The main difference is that I: Drives are accessible by any employee in your department with rights to the departmental directory. Up to 100 GB is available to each department free of charge. More space can be allotted for a fee. I: Drives are accessible from any university computer or through the VPN.

Fee-Based Services

Student Accounts


As a student at the University of Michigan-Flint, you are issued a UMID, a Uniqname, a LAN (Local Area Network) password, and a UMICH (Ann Arbor or Kerberos) password. These items grant you access to the various computing services offered by the university.

You can view your computer account online using the Student Information Services (SIS).

  • Navigate to SIS found at
  • Login using your UMID and LAN password
  • Click on the Personal Information menu
  • Click My Campus Computer Account

Whenever you need to change your password, you can do so at the password change page.

For assistance with your account, contact the ITS Helpdesk at (810) 762-3123 Option 1.

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Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) is the online student access to administrative services. Students can change personal information; access admissions, registration, student accounts, and student records; apply for financial aid; and other administrative services.


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To help protect your privacy by keeping your social security number confidential, UM-Flint has issued identification numbers, called the UMID, for all students. The UMID is a universal number used by all UM campuses and is sometimes referred to as the EMPL ID. If you are employed by the University, this number is also used for your payroll records. You should try to memorize this number so that you can provide it to faculty and staff who may be assisting you. When you login to SIS please follow these steps to view your UMID: Click on Personal Information, then click on View Your UMID. If you have additional questions about your UMID, contact the ITS helpdesk at (810) 762-3123 or call the Office of the Registrar at (810) 762-3344.

Office of the Registrar

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A Uniqname is a general identifier used by UM-Flint. Your uniqname allows you to log in to your computer on campus and also provides the first part of your email address. Some services such as library catalogs and antivirus software which use the uniqname may require the UMICH (also called Ann Arbor or Kerberos) password. Your uniqname and other information will be listed in U-M Ann Arbor's Online Directory at

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Wolverine Access

Wolverine Access is the gateway to U-M Ann Arbor's administrative information systems. Faculty, staff, and student workers at UM Flint use Wolverine Access to access HR, payroll, and other university business.

Wolverine Access

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